Look Inside Your Phoenix Image Consultant’s Closet

April 26, 2020

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Have you ever wanted to see inside an Image Consultant’s closet?? Closet organization is one of my favorite topics within my Insider’s Group (join here) and some of my most popular pins (follow the board here) so I thought it would be fun to show you INSIDE  my closet!

***NOTE! We moved in December 2021 so an update is coming soon! I arrange it pretty much the same but the space is much better…and prettier!***

It’s not fancy but I thought posting about it would 1. inspire me to spruce it up a bit AND 2. inspire you to make yours more “you.”

A few notes.

  • We haven’t updated the closet since moving in back in 2011.
  • Our closet is pretty big and besides my wardrobe it also houses my hubby’s clothes + a large safe on one side and all of our heat-sensitive sentimental items we can’t keep in the garage (which helps explain why I don’t have more pictures to show–it’s not much to look at).
  • The set-up is terrible with just one high bar and a high shelf. I’ve had to add my own organizational elements which I’ve done on little to no budget.
  • My capsule wardrobe takes up about 20% of my allotted closet space. The other 80% is the rest of my wardrobe including seasonal, special occasion, my professional wardrobe and the rest of my pieces not worthy of my 27 Hangers Capsule Wardrobe.

This is how my closet looked on Monday.

Look in an image consultant's closet Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

  • On the right you see my capsule.
  • The canvas hanging organizer holds flip flops, slippers, etc. + EITHER swim suits and cover-ups for summer OR tights and leggings in winter.
  • Under that is a shoe holder that houses the 12 pairs I wear most often.
  • I keep my less day to day jewelry in the double-sided hanging organizer with silver on one side and gold on the other (my day to day earrings and necklaces are on my dresser just outside the closet).
  • The white cube unit holds shoes (I now have the nicer pairs in clear boxes instead of the boxes they came in) and pampering supplies. On top I have my camisoles and bralettes in the two beige fabric boxes, my everyday bracelets on the jewelry organizer and a basket with random stuff.
  • To the left you see one of several hangers I have for scarves.

Beyond this area is just more clothes. I keep the following categories grouped together:

  • light jackets and cardigans (arranged by color and weight)
  • heavier jackets and the one coat I own tucked away except in our two months of winter in Phoenix
  • dresses (arranged short to long, sleeveless to long sleeve and solid to print)
  • formal wear and holiday
  • what I consider my “professional capsule wardrobe” in its own area arranged by type like my main capsule

I have another hanging canvas organizer to house extra purses and a few pieces I prefer folded instead of hung.

I ordered this rug I’ve been eyeing for YEARS to go in the closet! 

I’m also got three 11 x 11 bins from Target for some hidden storage on my cube piece.

Here it is now!

I added this IKEA stool so I could sit to put my shoes on.

Look in an image consultant's closet Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

SIDE NOTE: I like to HANG as much of my wardrobe as possible because I feel it makes it easier for me to get dressed instead of going between my closet and dresser.

The items in my dresser are limited to

  • undergarments
  • tee shirts (except the main ones in my capsule)
  • workout clothes
  • lounge clothes
  • pajamas
  • socks

In this YouTube video from July, 2019 I walk you through how I organize my capsule. The pieces are pretty similar to my current capsule.

My current 27 Hangers looks like this (notice the gray velvet hangers):

Look in an image consultant's closet Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

Let me know what questions you have!


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