Taking time “off”

May 21, 2023

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

**Update on 8/8/23**

My time “off” extended to July and as of this update, I’m still drastically limiting my time online and keeping my business activities to a minimum.

In June it was hard to put my phone away and not check for messages and emails. It was challenging to not post about what I was doing and who I was with.

I realized I love sharing my life with you!

However, being unplugged and having focused time at home and with my loved ones was refreshing and inspiring.

I’ll write more soon.

As of now, I have a high school senior, a high school freshman who’s also playing football and I’m starting Kate doing homeschool kindergarten. I don’t want to miss a thing. 


Is 2023 flying by for you, too??

In an effort to slow down time just a bit, I’m taking June “off” to regroup, rest and recuperate. I’ll be

  • spending time in and by the pool
  • making art
  • writing
  • enjoying time with the kids
  • taking a break from holding appointments
  • staying home a lot
  • getting back to stretching and breathing daily
  • having friend dates
  • leaving my phone on airplane mode
  • watching movies
  • reading
  • reconnecting to the Lord
  • taking it slow
  • crafting
  • making plans for fall
  • taking a social media break

In-person appointments will be on hold.

Social media posts and scrolling will be extremely limited.

I hope to get a great tan.

The hope is that for once I won’t feel like I’m already behind once school starts back.

I’m feeling lighter already.


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