I love the after party

October 1, 2018

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Tabitha Dumas

Sure, I love a good party…kind of. I’m an outgoing introvert so I enjoy a party for about two hours then I need to go home and drink a cup of tea alone to process everything I saw and experienced and post pictures from it since I was probably too busy taking everything in and living inside my head to enjoy all the details. That’s why I love the after party.

I am so inspired and invigorated being around fabulous people but too much people-ing wears me out. Are you that way?

The truth is, I throw parties and gatherings for the people in attendance, not for me. I love to see people realize they know each other (it happens at almost every event I host) or find a new connection. I love introducing people who NEED to know each other. (That’s what I tell them. “Here you go. Meet so-and-s0. You need to know each other.”)

Hosting is one of my favorite things in life but it means dealing with people AND food, decorations, timing, games, activities, etc. etc. and it can be a bit overwhelming in the moment, to the point that I don’t even have a chance to visit with my guests.

It can also be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if I’m teaching or facilitating, so I typically don’t eat (or eat much) at my own events.

It’s at the after party when I get to finally fill my plate and sit down, usually with the last few guests who linger a bit longer. They’re often my favorites, partly because they, too, get the “party after the party” concept. It’s my favorite part of my tea parties because I can have seconds and enjoy a cup of tea just how I like it, and without distraction, plus enjoy the feeling of being done with the hard part.

Kate’s first birthday was at a park so we got to haul everything down there, set up, party, then take it all down and back home again. She was pretty “done” by the end so we didn’t even open presents in front of everyone. We all went home, Kate and I had some quality time in the nursing chair, then she was raring to go again so I told my mom and grandmother to head over to watch her open her presents.

After we opened the toys, books and clothes, we got the giant cupcake out of the box, I made us all herbal chai tea and we had a little mini party together at the kitchen table. We talked about our highlights from the day, a few funny moments and congratulated ourselves on pulling it off. Plus the cake and tea were both scrumptious. 

I love the after party.

I often think I should try to figure out how to enjoy hosting more. Y’know, prep ahead, offer simpler fare, invite fewer people. But no. I’m just the type who likes to set the scene, then step into the audience to watch with my bag of popcorn and a soda. I also like the feeling of when the hard work has paid off and you celebrate a job well done. With Kate’s party, it felt like I was congratulating myself for such a terrific first year of her life and I deserved it! I thoroughly enjoyed Kate’s party but the after party was truly the icing on the cake. And it was delicious. 

I love the after party! Chai tea from The HeErbalist and the Healer. Giant cupcake from Floured Cupcakes Tabitha Dumas

I love the after party! Chai tea from The HeErbalist and the Healer. Giant cupcake from Floured Cupcakes Tabitha Dumas


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