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I got paid

I got paid! Post about expanding your influence tabithadumas.com

I had to smile yesterday as I tucked two pieces of mail into my purse.

One was a paycheck from my best client, destined for the bank.

The other was a thank you note from a sweet friend, destined for my inspiration board (below) and eventually my “special notes and cards to keep” file that I go through every so often when I need a reminder of WHY I do all the things I do.

I got paid! Post about expanding your influence tabithadumas.com
A “thank you” note IS my pay check.

I love getting paid. I also love writing my tithe check to my church as soon as I get paid. I really love transferring the money into my joint account with my husband to go toward our family’s expenses. It’s a great feeling.

The card, though, represented something I’ll be talking more about in the days to come–it’s something I’m calling INFLUENCE.

The gal that sent the card is a leader in our community. We work together in a volunteer capacity and several months ago, I took her a picnic lunch and told her about a dream I had. In the dream, I was following her around, pushing a shopping cart in a big warehouse-type store and holding her purse while she loaded her cart, did her job and talked to people. The message was clear to me–I was to offer to “hold her purse” so she could do her job. I told her at our picnic, “I’m here to serve, just tell me how to hold your purse.” We both got a kick out of the whole thing but I was absolutely serious, too.

While I’m on hold as to how I can assist her more, I’ve been trying to be an encouragement to her because I know how hard she works and that she probably rarely gets the recognition she doesn’t ask for, but deserves.

Then recently at a meeting, she complimented me on a top I was wearing. I made a mental note of it and decided to go buy her the same top and give it to her. I tucked it into a gift bag, wrote her a note and left it with her receptionist.

Her note was thanking me for the gift. BUT, the best part was the last line: “I have big plans coming that I want to talk to you about soon–Costco trips are in our future together!” (smiley face)

That made me laugh out loud, partly because I’m just so thrilled at the prospect of being about to really get my hands dirty helping her, and partly because of the absurdity of the dream–and the fact that she GETS IT!

This is why I so often say “I love my life.” I am rich in so many ways.Β 

By the way, the “holding your purse” thing, I believe, is a picture for the overall mission of what I’m called to do in life for women–hold their purse while they do their job, whatever that looks like for them.

I want every woman to have a similar experience–where “getting paid” means that you are becoming more and more wealthy in all the ways that matter because you are “putting yourself out there” and doing what you are meant to do.

Stay tuned and in the meantime, if you want to learn ways to Expand Your Influence, contact me for your initial assessment and consultation to get started.

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