How to wear red for your Color Code

November 30, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Are you wondering how to wear red this holiday season? Red is the perfect color for winter and all your holiday festivities. It’s actually a universally flattering color on almost everyone. I talked about it in this post called The five colors that look good on everyone.

It’s also one of my favorite Signature Colors. Check out the Pinterest board here.

If you don’t have your Signature Color, get yours here.

So certain reds work particularly well for each Color Code. Here is

how to wear red for YOUR Color Code.

These tips apply to wearing red close to your face. The goal? It should…

  • suit your complexion
  • brighten your eyes
  • make your cheeks look rosy and healthy
  • help imperfections fade away

The right shade makes pimples and fine lines almost disappear. The wrong shade will garner lots of, “Are you feeling OK??” inquiries. (this is true of every color your wear, by the way)


This true almost fire engine red is lovely for a Light.


True red is a “pop” color for Deep ladies. Bluer or more orange reds can also work.

Match your red to your skin tone–if you have blue undertones to your skin, wear a red with blue undertones. If your skin is more olive, wear warmer (more orange-y) reds. This is a classic red and is always a winner.


Soft ladies should wear colors with medium intensity–nothing too light, nothing too deep.

J is a classic Soft that I pin again and again and this tomato red is perfect, especially as she wore it on Christmas Day.


Clear red is a “pop” color for Clears. As for all Clear colors, the brighter the better. The black and white contrast with the red is gorgeous for a Clear! 


Can redheads wear red?? Sure they can! Again, it’s about choosing the shade and intensity that works best for your coloring. This deep cranberry red work perfectly on Emma Stone.

Most redheads want to stick with warmer reds.


The opposite of Warm, Cool ladies want to choose cool red tones. AVOID any orange-y reds.

How to wear red for your Dominant Color Category. COOL from


If you don’t want to worry about wearing red close to your face, here are more ways to wear it.

A scarf



…and red lips!


…and a red bag!



Again, this neutral red will look wonderful on nearly every skin tone.

What is your favorite way to wear red??

How to wear red for your Color Code. from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant


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