Dreamers who do a.k.a. hosting workshops

April 26, 2018

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Tabitha Dumas

I love this quote! I’ve long seen myself as a dreamer and doer and even considered it for a business name years ago but wondered if people would know what I meant! The world definitely needs the dreamers who do and to me, a big part of that means hosting workshops.

Dreamers who do a.k.a. hosting workshops

_The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do._ -Sarah Ban Breahtnach -Tabithadumas.com Tabitha Dumas Image Consultant

As a whole-istic image consultant, one of the ways I tell my ladies to elevate their image and expand their influence is by hosting workshops.

“Dreamers who do” is all about bringing dreams into reality and that’s what hosting workshops is all about–for both the hostess and the guests!

I now offer Workshops To You where I bring the workshop to your home, office, networking meeting, women’s group or girls’ night OR we can partner to co-teach a workshop together!

Visit WorkShopsToYou.com for more information!

This was from Style School, spring 2016.

Hosting workshops from tabitha dumas KC Inspire style school tabithad.sg-host.com

Workshops get people around a table, gathered for the same purpose. Better than a class where you typically sit and listen, you accomplish something at a workshop. You can teach a concept–then you have your guests practice it!

It’s a chance for people to try something new, use the right side of their brain, explore their creativity…and it’s a chance for YOU, as the hostess, to gets face to face time with your clients, hone your skills and exercise your expertise.

For example: If you talk all the time about self care but never actually demonstrate it, your people may not know how to put it into practice. That’s what hosting workshops is for–helping people take action. 

One of my favorite aspects of hosting workshops is when my guests who were strangers become friends. There are usually hugs as people depart and I love that!

In fact, I’d really rather call them  play dates.

I’ve hosted many workshops over the years and I’m happy to lend my experience to others. Hire me or let’s partner together to put on a fantastic workshop for your friends, clients or cohorts!

Contact me directly! Tabitha 602.349.1129 tabitha@tabithad.sg-host.com

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