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How to host a vision board party

With all the talk I’ve done about choosing a word or mantra for the new year and then displaying it, I’ve never actually given a tutorial on

how to host a vision board party

so here it is.

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Giving people the time and space to create their vision boards is a wonderful gift!

Besides offering these as a fun and meaningful get-together, you can also make money hosting vision board parties! (If you’re good at it and enjoy it, you definitely should!)

As a reminder…

There are two important things to know about WHY you need a vision board.

1. The process of creating a vision board is just as important as the actual board itself.

Looking through images and words will help you get focused and dream big. I love hosting them because it’s fun to see women experience an “a-ha” about what they want for the coming year. Some ladies are drawn to images of nature, exotic destinations or a certain color. They might realize there are people in most of their images. Or pets, flowers or home may be prevalent. You can’t always envision what you want without…well, a visual. 

From there, a woman may realize she wants to nurture relationships. Start a garden. Find love. Then her word and board can reflect that.

2. A vision board gives you a touch point and a visual reminder for the coming year so you can be intentional with your one word, goals or mantra.

Without it, it will be like a resolution–likely forgotten by February.

You’ll keep your board where you can see it it and refer to it and adjust as necessary. Whether near your special space, in your closet or next to your desk, a board allows you to check in before the year gets away from you. Plus, because it’s visual, you can re-prioritize at a glance.

How to Host a Vision Board Party --tabithadumas.com Phoenix image consultant
My 2016 Vision Board. See the pregnant belly? I thought it was a no-go but found out I was pregnant in January 2017! (see the 2017 board further down)

How to host a vision board party

1. Invite people! Text, email, evite, Facebook event…whatever your people use.

Invite your friends, your Bible study group, your co-workers, fellow committee members–or everyone!

I allow my friends to bring along a child if they choose. It’s fun to see what kids come up with!

Wondering what to charge? The answer is, charge what makes it worth your time and what people will pay. I typically charge $15 and require at least ten people. I like the keep the price point low because I want it to be accessible. Plus the “cost” isn’t high for me (poster board, magazine subscriptions, glue sticks, embellishments)–they’re paying for my time and expertise. I’ve perfected the process so I feel like I could charge a lot more if I wanted.

2. Gather supplies.

You’ll need:

  • poster board (I offer them cut into fourths or halves depending on the size people want)
  • glue (I like glue sticks)
  • scissors (some smaller ones for fine details)
  • plenty of magazines (I like a variety of home/garden, travel, lifestyle, family, etc.–ask your guests to bring some to get a better assortment)
  • pens (Sharpies and gel pens are fun)
  • embellishments (scrap booking supplies, letter stickers, gems, etc.)
  • small trash cans (I use paper lunch sacks, one per person)
  • envelopes if someone can’t finish and wants to take her magazine clippings home
  • refreshments if desired (set aside snacks and drinks to enjoy during breaks or have items in bowls for munching while you work)

A friend of mine creates a smaller pocket-sized version folded up for hers, check Pinterest for ideas.

Here’s a handy checklist!

How to host a vision board workshop with how tos and downloads Tabitha Dumas

3. Get your guests in the mood.

I attended a vision board workshop where one of the guests led us through a meditation exercise that helped us relax and open our minds. We were encouraged to find images and words that we needed. It was powerful!

You can also offer worksheets or a group exercise. SEE BELOW.

When I’ve hosted, I’ve noticed that some ladies carefully complete their worksheets before they get to work whereas others dive right into the magazine clippings. There is not right or wrong!

It would be fun to diffuse peppermint essential oil or a “concentration blend” to enhance the mood.

Here are my 2020 worksheet downloads: 

2020 One Word/Vision Board Worksheet

2020 Vision Affirmation Exercise

Steps for Creating a Vision Board

One Word Suggestions to Boost Your Confidence

~~NEW for 2020 vision boards!~~ For $10, I will send you the above worksheets as individual Word documents so you can modify and brand them for your own use. Pay via PayPal below and make sure to provide your best email address.

How to Host a Vision Board Party --tabithadumas.com Phoenix image consultant
2017 Vision Board–I added the baby to announce that we were pregnant with Kate, which had been on my previous year’s vision board! (as pictured further up)
4. Get to work.

I like to start by having each lady share what she has in mind so people can pass on images or words they can’t use. I also go around and see if I can help. “Does anyone have a dog picture? A sail boat? A pool? Here’s a good one of the Riviera! Who needs a hot air balloon??”

The cutting and pasting is the fun part and can get messy and loud!

Some ladies will do mostly words. Others will do mostly images. Most will do both.

The technique I employ is to find these types of images then layer into a collage.

  • large images I like that create a background (usually flowers, books or the beach). I cover my entire board.
  • small images that speak to what I want to focus on for the year (a bath tub, tea, a library, women laughing, a garden, etc.)
  • words and phrases to layer on top

Here’s the process:

I advise you to lay it all out first, take a picture, take it apart, then reassemble. Or lay it out and glue one section on at a time. Glue lightly until it’s how you want it–you can also add more glue later to secure.

  • fill up the background
  • add your favorite images
  • add the words
  • add embellishments or write or draw with the pens
  • fill in the empty spots
How to Host a Vision Board Party --tabithadumas.com Phoenix image consultant
2015 Vision Board

Remember you can download the step by step instructions here.

Pin this visual! 

Steps to creating a vision board

5. Show off your work.

I love to go around at the end and have the ladies share about their boards! It’s fun to take a picture of each participant with her board, too.

I hope these tips help you host a vision board party! It’s a very gratifying experience. Please let me know if you do it or if you have questions!

Remember…if you are in the Phoenix valley or surrounding area and would like for ME to bring the vision board party to YOUR event or venue, click here for more information.

Please pin and share.

How to host a vision board party! -tabithadumas.com

Step by step instructions to create a vision board from tabithadumas.com Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

How to make money hosting vision board parties by Tabitha Dumas


How to host a vision board party! -tabithadumas.com

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2 thoughts on “How to host a vision board party

  1. Dear Tabitha, I’m designing some workshops for entrepreneurs and people who feel their need to grow. I’ve thought to work with a visual board to focus and be in a happy mood while working and I found your tools through pinterest.
    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, your point of view makes me feel calm, confident and grateful.
    I will use part of your knowledge in my future workshops.
    Ana Sanson: IG:@anamsanson ; @landandsoul_decojewels

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