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April 18, 2015

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Tabitha Dumas

I love getting a professional pedicure just as much as the next gal but I’d rather spend my money on shoes or accessories and just do it myself. I wrote this at home pedicure tutorial several years ago and it is still the system I use about every-other Saturday (including today!).

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About 15 years ago, I was planning to give my mom a gift certificate for a pedicure for Mother’s Day but then I thought, “Wait, if I just buy all the supplies and try to duplicate what they do at the salon, I could spend the same amount of money and give her TWENTY pedicures!”

Thus, the at-home pedicure was born. Over time, I’ve discovered my favorite tools and tricks and now we do our own pedicures except for very special occasions.

So! To commemorate the start of our sandal season, here is my tried and true “15 Steps to the Perfect Pedicure” 

At home pedicure tutorial

This is not a “change your polish and go” pedicure, ladies. Your feet will look and feel like you just left the salon.

Here’s what you need to assemble before you start, or maybe a trip to the local drug store is in order. Just remember the money you’re saving by doing it yourself. 

15 steps to salon-perfect toes. Save money by doing pedicures at home. She tells you all the tools you need, too! At-home pedicure tutorial



1. polish remover. If your polish is extra-stubborn (which some of the more expensive brands are), get the pure acetone one.

2. cuticle sticks (a.k.a. orange sticks)

3. scissors or clippers

4. good nail file

5. nail file with a fine surface (or a buffing block–this four-sided filing block from Earth Therapeutics is my favorite)

6. pumice stone or other callous remover

7. foot bath or plastic tub (or a dish pan! I buy them for $1 at Dollar Tree)

8. exfoliating foot scrub  (it can be made by simply adding olive oil to salt or sugar)

9. foot lotion

10. nail polish (I prefer Revlon, L’oreal and OPI because they don’t have the harmful ingredients)

11. toe separators, if desired

12. base coat

13. clear top coat

And here are the 15 steps for my perfect at home pedicure tutorial. Yes, there are a lot but it makes all the difference!! Start checking out the nail section of your favorite stores–there are a lot of fun tools out there AND cute nail decals that really give you that professional touch!


1. remove old nail polish
2. push cuticles back with orange stick and gently scrape away dead skin
3. trim toenails to desired length
4. file toenails into desired shape
5. use fine file or buffer to smooth nail surface (removing small remnants of polish, dead skin and ridges)
6. use pumice or foot file around toenails to remove dead skin
7. soak feet in warm water (add salts or oils if desired)*
8. when skin is soft, use pumice or foot file on calluses, paying special attention to heels, ball of feet and beneath big toe
9. apply foot scrub
10. remove and dry feet; apply lotion (you may want to leave it on overnight before continuing)
11. remove lotion from toenails with nail polish remover so the polish adheres better
12. apply toe separators
13. apply base coat and polish, allowing to dry between coats. After second coat, apply nail decals, if desired.
14. once dry, apply top coat
15. remove errant polish with a cotton swab

*Sometimes I prefer to apply the foot scrub to dry skin before soaking.

Enjoy your beautiful feet!!

And maybe you can use the money you saved for a new pair of sandals.

Awesome at home pedicure tutorial with a list of tools you need and step by step instructions. You've got to try this! Just as good as a salon but saves so much money!

Happy pedicuring, ladies! Let me know if you try it!

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15 steps to salon-perfect toes. Save money by doing pedicures at home. She tells you all the tools you need, too! At-home pedicure tutorial


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