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Helpful tools for planning an amazing 2015

Is your plan for 2015 in place yet? Whether you rocked your 2014 plan or you’re looking forward to finally HAVING a plan for 2015, the process of planning as well as the end result are both incredibly beneficial and rewarding.

Here are some of my favorite helpful tools for planning an amazing 2015.

I’ll start with my own.

Refer back to my post about Choosing Your Word for 2015.

Visit my other blog to create your Vision Affirmation Statement.

Once you’ve done that, you can create your vision board.

I also have a Personal Development Pinterest board with lots of great tools!

Follow TabithaDumas.com’s board Business: personal development on Pinterest.


Looking to dream big and set goals? My talented and lovely friend with Beba Photography is offering an amazing Dreams and Goals Planner. “Where your greatest talent and greatest passion intersect is where your life purpose is found.”

Need social media help in 2015? My other inspiring and delightful friend Lorri of Making Sense of Social Media has a social media workshop, social media coaching and even a Content Calendar upload.

Do you need to change your money habits and get your finances on track? Kelsa at Fiscal Fitness has this Coach to $5k Program for you. We’ve worked with her before, she’s fantastic and so down to earth!

If you want to get your plan solidified and on paperJenny Shih has some great exercises for you that I took advantage of.

Here is Jenny’s one for planning for a successful new year with free download.

And Jenny’s very cool FREE coaching for a successful new year post. I hope you’ll take her up on it!

I took the time to do it and I’m so glad I did!

Tools for planning an amazing 2015. Beba Photography, Making Sense of Social Media, Jenny Shih, Image and Influence Strategist

Here are some things I got out of sitting down to do Jenny’s exercises. And, yes, I recommend using colored pens for this. 

Maybe these are things you’ve been meaning to do, too.

  • I named my #1 priority. Like having a Personal Purpose Statement, it acts as your guide for everything else.
  • I determined my business non-negotiables, which are blogging, sending out my email newsletter and hosting workshops at least once a month. These are accounted for first and the rest are filled in later. I added in personal non-negotiables, too, like yoga, church and housework.
  • I set three big goals and made three action goals for each one. Those activities are now ON my calendar. See the pink weekly calendar? That will help me schedule each week on my real calendar. I may even laminate it.
  • I mapped out my weekly activities, allotting time for work as well as personal endeavors, on certain days according to my “non-negotiable” activities. This will ensure that the blogging will get done…and the laundry will get done.
  • I figured out good days to do various activities based on when I’m already home or already out and about. I lose a lot of momentum on days when I’m literally not sure whether I’m coming or going.
  • I referred back to my 2014 calendar to make sure I wasn’t missing any obligations or set-in-stone events like church events, school breaks, etc.
  • I looked ahead at my 2015 calendar to see which months are going to be hectic vs. quiet–which will help me decide when to plan product launches, special events, taking a vacation, etc.

As a whole-istic Image and Influence Strategist, I recommend having your business AND personal commitments in front of you at all times. I’ve found that if I don’t have it all down, I get too wrapped up in work and my housework suffers or I get on a home organizing spree and my work suffers.

Do you have a plan for 2015 yet? Do you know what you’re doing during the first week of January?

If you plan to use any of these tool for planning an amazing 2015, I’d love to hear from you over on the Facebook page!

If you need some one-on-one assistance, a strategy and/or some FUN accountability, contact me for a strategy session. It’s just $75 if you book your session by December 31st.

Wishing you all the best in 2015!

Tools for planning an amazing 2015! tabithadumas.com

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