Do you believe you can help anyone?

July 22, 2017

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

It came out in a conversation I was having with my hubby about his introvert tendencies. I consider myself an out-going introvert and in the last few years, I’ve embraced the idea that I’m more introverted than I previously thought and people might guess. My hubby mentioned his hesitancy in going to a poker game, something he enjoys and even wins! I thought, “Gosh, I feel like that a lot, too.” Then I got to thinking about why I go anyway and I asked him, “Do you believe you can help anyone?” He started talking about real estate (his new career) and I said, “No, just in general. Do you believe you can help people?” So I thought it was worth asking…

Do you believe you can help anyone?

Back to the conversation with my hubby.

I love being home. Being around people, seeing new sights, experiencing new things…it’s all energizing, but afterward I need major downtime to recover.

Maybe you’ve experienced this…

I make plans with people a few weeks out but when it gets to the day of, I kinda hope the event or plans are cancelled.

No? Just me?

There are plenty of times I’d rather stay home than put myself out there.

As I’ve written before, I don’t believe in motivation as much as in a big “why” (I wrote about it here) and…

my “why” for attending events is often that I might meet someone there I can help.

They might need…

  • a recommendation for a local church
  • to try amazing fish tacos
  • the name of a family law attorney
  • an introduction to an editor
  • to be heard
  • a play date with their kids
  • some encouragement
  • to know they’re normal

And of course they could also need a strategy session or a wardrobe overhaul.

I’m always on the lookout for someone to help.

All of us have unique contributions we can make.

Little makes me happier than saying to someone, “I’ve been there, too.”

Many times, they help me just as much as I help them.

So many people are struggling or hurting. Or they just need someone to listen and understand.

The world is a noisy place full of distracted people so the ones who take the time to care are scarce…and can change a person’s life.

I believe we all have something to contribute to everyone we meet.

It takes practice–to talk to people to discover their needs. It’s a mistake I made once in networking. Read it here.

And sharing our stories takes courage. So maybe start with sharing a restaurant recommendation. 

My tag-line is “Elevate your image. Expand your influence.” Being an excellent helper does both.

We should all believe we can help anyone…because it’s true! We all have something to offer.

And the world certainly needs plenty of help.


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