Heels On The Ground

November 26, 2018

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

I had lunch with an inspiring lady several years ago and we talked about the need to gather an army of women to be dispatched when a need arose like a military wife with a newborn during her husband’s deployment or a woman undergoing cancer treatment without family nearby or a single mom struggling with home maintenance projects.

Since then I’ve envisioned a group of ladies converging to help a woman who has a hard time letting go declutter her house in a weekend or a gal who just lost a lot of weight overhaul her wardrobe and reorganize her closet with clothes that empower her to get back out into the world. Big projects that seems impossible…until you have help.

“Heels on the Ground” came to my mind and I imagined women showing up, tools in hand and aprons on, ready to get their hands dirty.

That’s what true influence looks like, by the way.

It comes from the phrase Boots on the Ground, used in the military when troops are dispensed for a mission. It’s just instead of military boots, it would be pink Converse sneakers, supportive sandals or sparkly flats. And instead of going into combat it would be going to bat for a woman in need.

I imagine decorating a house for Christmas for a woman who takes care of her grandkids and can’t afford it. Outfitting a new in-home child care business for a mom with a disabled child. Helping a woman who has escaped an abusive relationship settle in to her new place.

The recipient of Heels on the Ground would be a little hesitant perhaps but the “We’re here to help because we’ve been there, too” aspect would reassure them. And we’ve all been there in some way. There are so many women in need and so many women willing to serve, they just need to be connected. And I happen to love connecting.

A mantra of mine is “Offer your best gifts and request help when you need it” because we all have things we can offer…and we all have areas we could use help with. We shouldn’t have to succumb to “try harder living” in a pursuit of perfection–we should rely on each other to fill in the gaps.

One of the most beautiful things to witness is when a woman reaches out to someone struggling with something she has survived or overcome.

What have you overcome? What is your surplus? Where can you use your gifts to help someone else?

Please reach out to me if you’re in the Phoenix area and would like to be involved. It’s time to get Heels on the Ground and change the world.


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