Headshots help

If you want to elevate your image, you MUST have an updated headshot that you LOVE. I offer headshots help! 

These are mine. You’ll see my turquoise Signature Color show up a lot!

Fall 2022

Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant head shots

Summer 2022

Tabitha Dumas Signature Color Style Instagram

Fall 2020

Tabitha Dumas Signature Color Style Instagram

Tabitha Dumas headshots help Phoenix Image Consultant


Spring 2018 by Beba Photography

Head shots help from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix image consultant

I added the coral blazer for some more urban shots, fall 2018. Also by Beba Photography.

Tabitha Dumas Living Coral how to wear color for your color code Phoenix Image Consultant coral blazer Headshots by Beba Photography

January 2017

Tabitha Dumas head shots help Phoenix image consultant will help you with headshots and what to wear for headshots

January 2016

Tabitha Dumas headshot


For more help…

Read Wear these colors for your headshots to discover your best colors.

Head Shots Help

I’m happy to help you choose what to wear for your head shots or photo shoot!

FIRST you need to have a Color Analysis done: Phoenix Color Analysis in my home studio.

Once we narrow down your colors, we’ll zero in on a few color options. We’ll keep in mind your best colors, your personality, your contrast levels, etc. AND your brand and/or website colors. I’ll also recommend makeup colors and accessories for the ladies.

Then make your Headshots Help purchase via Paypal, below.


If you already had a color analysis, simply purchase Headshots Help above then email me a recent photo and we’ll get started. tabitha@tabithad.sg-host.com

I’m also happy to advise you on your brand colors! Contact me for details.

Let me know if you have questions!