11 things sure to happen during a personal shopping appointment

August 31, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Doing a personal shopping appointment with a client is one of my favorite things to do as an image consultant. Every appointment is unique but here are 11 things sure to happen when we shop together.

1. I’ll get there ahead of you to scope it out.

I like to figure out how the clothing and accessories are arranged and what the dressing rooms are like. Once I get the lay of the land, it’s a lot easier to find what we need.

2. I’ll assess what you’re wearing.

I like for one of three things to happen:

  • have you come dressed as you normally would so I get a sense of your style
  • you wear pieces that you need help making work
  • you come in “dressing room friendly” clothes (your favorite jeans, a tank or camisole, a nude bra, “easy on, easy off” pieces)

So when we first meet up, give me a moment to take you in.

3. I’ll shop for myself.

And sometimes for my mom or friends, too. I never pass up an opportunity to find fabulous pieces! Don’t worry, I’ll just grab them to deal with after we’re done.

4. We’ll go by categories.

I like to start with the garment you need most. Typically this is pants but work wear is also common. This first round will give me a better sense of your style and then we’ll fine tune your options and go back for the next category. Toward the end, we’ll find the items you need to complete as many outfits as possible. I’ve found some of the best gems on the “last pass” because I know exactly what we need at that point. The green tank in the photos below was one such piece.

5. We’ll have fun in the dressing room.

While you’re trying things on, we talk about colors, your “primary lifestyle,” the gaps in your wardrobe, and what’s working and not working. This gets easier with every round. I love these conversations.

There’s something about two women in a dressing room together that creates a bond.

6. I’ll keep you organized.

I hang up and organize everything while you’re trying items on. I separate them into “no,” “maybe” and “yes,” then we adjust as we go according to your budget. I’ll also run out to grab a tank to try under a jacket or shoes to try with specific pants, then put them back. In addition to everything else you learn, you also learn how to shop smarter.  

Personal shopping with Tabitha Dumas

10 items for $110 at one of my favorite consignment stores. There are a few signature pieces but most of them mix and match. Three tops, five completer pieces, two pairs of pants.

7. I’ll teach you about your best colors, dressing for your body type and creating outfits.

You can read my blog and come to my workshops but trying on clothes together will be…not my words, but my clients’…“life changing.”

8. I’ll see ya partially neked.

If you’re the modest type, rest assured that I stay out of the dressing room unless you invite me in. But the longer we’re together, the more comfortable you’ll be so there’s almost sure to be those moments when we’re passing clothes back and forth or we’re discussing our options and you’re in nothing but your skivvies. Believe me–I’ll barely notice, I’ve seen it all and nothing phases me.

9. We’ll create outfits.

I love to send you home with outfits you can wear right away so unless there’s something you need like a classic navy blazer, we’ll try to find pants, tops and completer pieces that work together. If your budget allows, we’ll play with shoes, belts and jewelry, too.

I’ve even been known to sneakily purchase a necklace to present to a client as we part ways.

10. You’ll try on garments you’d have never chosen for yourself and try outfits you’d have never put together for yourself.

My clients call it my “magic.”

I have an eye for finding the right items and for putting things together in unexpected–and delightful–ways. (I call Laurie “Office Barbie”, isn’t she a doll??”

Personal shopping with Tabitha Dumas

One green tank, three ways. I help you maximize every piece.

11. You’ll wonder how you ever shopped without me.

No one likes to shop alone but, unlike most of your friends and loved one, I have an unbiased and professional opinion to offer you. I make your money go a lot farther, too!

We’re going to have so much fun together.

To get started, my services here.

What to expect at your personal shopping appointment. tabithad.sg-host.com%2Fhappen-personal-shopping-appointment


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