The habits of a personal stylist

October 19, 2016

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Tabitha Dumas

I have many labels but “personal stylist” is one of the best to describe the work I actually go out and do. I admit, however, that a lot of it is via text when my ladies send me photos from dressing rooms. Even before I did this work officially, I was offering style advice to friends and family so I thought you’d like to know my five habits of a personal stylist.

5 habits of a personal stylist

1. Choosing my outfits the night before.

A missing sock made me late once so now if I have to be dressed before 10:00am, I lay out my entire outfit the night before.

And that includes undergarments, accessories and shoes plus a slip, tights, etc. so I’m not scrambling at the last minute.

2. Shopping on purpose.

OK, fine, if I run into the tractor supply store with my dad and they happen to have a fabulous bejeweled Western-style top in the perfect color for a good price, I might snap it up.

Otherwise I know what is in my wardrobe and what I need for every season.

That’s one of the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe!

I know the colors, styles and shapes that work for me, so impulse shopping is a thing of the past. 

I know what I buy will get worn because I know I have pieces to wear with it and accessories to jazz it up.

3. Keeping my wardrobe decluttered and organized.

I am constantly maintaining my wardrobe and getting rid of anything that is no longer working.

Don’t hang on to what no longer serves you! 

If you keep passing it by, you’re probably not going to suddenly be drawn to it. Release it to someone who will enjoy it!

Need help? Visit my resources page.

4. Constantly fine-tuning my style.

Color trends, lifestyle changes, mood and just plain creative inspiration can influence my style.

I admit that I have a multi-faceted style personality.

One day I’m in brown cargo pants, an orange top with funky cut-outs and brown and orange beaded jewelry and the next day I’m in a jewel-tone wrap dress, nude heels and a beige blazer.

It’s OK to play with your style!

My “My Style” Pinterest board allows me to explore and dream to avoid wardrobe boredom. Visit it here: My Style Explored

I add new pieces (some investments, some “disposable”) frequently so I know what I truly enjoy wearing. I also get rid of items I’m not wearing. Which brings me to…

5. Practicing what I preach (mostly).

Most of what I teach (OK, preach), I’ve learned from years of trial and error. I’m certified and have a lot of practice so I can bend the rules strategically.

But overall, I really do practice what I preach.

I count my accessories. I do a 360 in the mirror before leaving home. I stick to my color palette and honor my majority lifestyle. Doing so helps me serve you better!

I hope these 5 habits of a personal stylist inspire you!

Which of these habits are you doing or want to try?

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