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Deciding to go big in 2018

It’s the reason I do what I do–giving women a confidence boost so they can live, dress and serve with authenticity and purpose (that’s where the hot air balloon in my logo comes from, by the way). My passion is seeing women go big! It breaks my heart to see my ladis shrink back from their full potential, waste their gifts on insignificant ventures or hold back because they don’t believe in themselves. The “go big” concept is one I’ve embraced for over six years now yet it still took a bit of coercing before I could commit to

deciding to go big in 2018.

Deciding to Go Big! Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant tabithadumas.com

Why did I hesitate to go big?

I’ve seen it too many women “go big” too fast and without a clear vision then crash and burn (to continue the hot air balloon analogy). They had this big dream but didn’t have the 1. tenacity 2. money 3. resources and/or 4. help to see it through.

When given the “go big or go home” choice, I’ve coached plenty of women to GO HOME, re-evaluate their vision, take inventory of their time and resources, count the cost and focus on small steps to move in the right direction. I have that conversation with someone every week! I even wrote about it recently: living a big, simple life and finding your sweet spot.

Plenty of big dreams need to start small and build slowly and intentionally over time. And that’s what I’ve done.

Hear this–I have done the “faith it ’til you make it” thing since I started their entrepreneurial journey over six years ago. Going back even farther, I started blogging ten years go and from literally day one, wrote as if I already had a large audience. I felt strongly about projecting a confident image from the start and behaving like a celebrity long before I was one. I’ve been shaking in my heels and making it up as I go so many times, it doesn’t even phase me now (and these days, I actually know what I’m doing most of the time–imagine that).

All of that has prepared me to go big now.

I’ve made it. If I were coaching me, I’d tell me “It’s time.”

It’s time to elevate MY image and expand MY influence.

It’s time for…

  • stellar branded images
  • more focused marketing efforts
  • deeper community connections
  • new speaking and teaching gigs
  • helping people understand what I do so they can better refer me
  • offering more hands-on help for my real-life ladies
  • bringing parts of my big vision to life with what I have right now and
  • owning my calling…

…in a way that honors my values, my season of life and my personality. 

I see so many women approaching this in ways I simply cannot stomach (I am judgmental, remember?) so my challenge is to put myself out there MY WAY.

Here’s the best part–I’m about to practice what I preach to the nth degree.

Last year was all about Kate. This year will be, too–except now it’s fitting her into my efforts to go big and live up to my potential. It might not be as big as I would prefer but I’m certainly not going to shrink back because I have a baby. If anything, she’ll be an asset!

Have you decided to go big?

I’d love to share my journey so we can all navigate the path with grace and purpose. I’m finding my way and I hope it helps you fine your way, too.

If you would like some time to strategize what your way looks like, consider booking a strategy tea! –> Work with me!

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