Are you ready to go barefoot?

April 6, 2020

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Dreams. The kind you have while sleeping. The one I had last night left me thinking, Am I ready to go barefoot? For years I’ve dreamed of being at big events in high heels, usually on the perimeter of an event, headed for the backstage area. Sometimes I’ve been the speaker, sometimes moving around the room talking to people. I came to think of it as a symbol of success, or my higher, future self. I do feel powerful and confident in heels, they put me at 6 ft.+ tall! But I don’t wear them much anymore, especially since Kate was born, out of practicality and because I simply prefer to be grounded.

This morning I woke up from a dream of attending a big event with a bunch of women except this time I worked my way to my seat, not knowing anyone, and I was barefoot. I was thinking, “Eh, no one will notice, I’ll figure it out later.” Eventually I was given some slip-on flats by a friend who “happened” to bring them for me. Here’s some context.

Last night was the first time I’ve gone to bed excited about my business in YEARS.

In the last week, I’ve gained new clarity on my Big, Simple Life book and my direction over the last few days and it has felt amazing! I feel like things are finally coming together. How I’m showing up and how I’ll be servicing my ladies has shifted. I’ve actually considered the idea of a “barefoot networking group” where we can be ourselves, be relaxed, be authentic. One of my favorite pictures on my “to my own self be true” Pinterest board? Barefoot. Is taking my shoes off a representation of finally just being ME?

In recounting the dream to Drew, he wondered if I represented my clients in these dreams. Previously I was concerned with helping them dress up, walk confidently and be a leader. Now it’s more about just BE-ing with other women, no pretense, comfortable. I am definitely ready to own my expertise and bring in my cohorts for the areas where I don’t excel. It comes down to a tenet I’ve held for many years:

Embrace your best gifts and get help with the rest.

We all have areas we excel in and parts we struggle with. To work together to bridge the gap, we have to be willing to go barefoot, as it were, to work together to bridge the gap! None of us can afford to keep pretending we have it all together when really we crave connection and hands-on assistance.

It’s worth pondering, right? I’m making some plans this week and adding to the chapters of my book with a new bent toward the “beginner-preneur.” I know my strengths. I love my network! I’m excited to embrace this new, barefoot chapter. (Just posting this has me grinning so big!)

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Are you ready to go barefoot? Embrace your best gifts and get help for the rest. Tabitha Dumas Image Consultant


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