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No-fail gift ideas for women

Whether you’re shopping for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or friend, sometimes you just run out of creative ideas and need a tried-and-true gift that’s sure to please. So here are

no-fail gift ideas for women

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Fuzzy boots or slippers

These can be as simple or luxurious as you can afford but what woman doesn’t want warm and cozy feet this winter??

Here are some options from Payless.

These Airwalk ankle boots with faux fleece lining are cute and just $19.99.

Gift ideas for women. Airwalk ankle boots with fuax fleece lining from Payless. tabithadumas.com
Purchase here.

How cozy are these??

Gift ideas for women Airwalk furry mock. tabithadumas.com
Purchase here

A beautiful scarf

Look for scarves that are soft and easy to wear.

Blue and white looks wonderful on all women and works equally well in a professional wardrobe or for a more “jeans and tee shirt” style. Cick on the photo captions to purchase.

Gift ideas for women. Blue and white scarf. tabithadumas.com
Via Shoptiques
Gift ideas for women. Blue and white scarf. tabithadumas.com
Via Shoptiques

Philosophy’s Holiday Collection

They come out with the yummiest products every year and can be purchased in a variety of stores (Ulta, Beauty Brands, Macy’s, Sephora, etc.).

Check out the 2017 holiday line here.

The Gingerbread House set is a particular favorite and so fun! Body washes and lip gloss in fun and festive scents, what could be better??

Gift ideas for women. Philosophy gingerbread house. tabithadumas.com

Read more here.

Special tea or coffee

No one ever said they have too much tea. Or coffee!

A unique or seasonal blend, a fun syrup or stirrer or a pretty mug are sure to please any coffee or tea aficionado.

This Teavana infuser mug is gorgeous!

Gift ideas for women. Teavana red poinsettia infuser mug. tabithadumas.com
Shop here

Teavana white chocolate peppermint rooibos tea?? Yes, please!

Gift ideas for women. Teavana white chocolate peppermint tea. tabithadumas.com
Shop here

A blank journal

For daily gratitude, shopping lists or “dear diary” entries, everyone appreciates a pretty blank journal. They’re available everywhere from Target and Ross to fancy boutiques and stationary stores for anywhere from $3 to $30. Add a pen or bookmark for a personalized touch.

Papyrus has always been a favorite source of mine.

Gift ideas for women Papyrus Amazing Things Can Happen journal. tabithadumas.com
Shop here

I hope this list gave you some ideas.

These are all on my “Dear Santa” list. What would you add??
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