Gift basket and grown-up Easter basket ideas

April 9, 2019

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Who doesn’t love a gift basket??

Gift baskets are so fun to put together!

Some are obvious like for Christmas, a wedding gift, a bridal or baby shower or a house warming. But think of all the other possibilities!

  • pet lover
  • gardener
  • movie night
  • road trip
  • date night
  • sporting event
  • spa night
  • girls’ weekend
  • kids’ slumber party
  • camping
  • summer break
  • end of school
  • back to school
  • get well
  • coffee or tea lover
  • fairy garden
  • game night
  • craft day
  • grill master

Here are my self care gift ideas and no-fail gift ideas for women if you want to check them out.

You can collect items over time or shop at one store for everything (Cost Plus World Market comes to mind) and think outside of the, well, BASKET and use a fun container like a colander for a cooking theme or a planter, pot or metal bucket for a garden theme. Instead of shredded paper or tissue you can use a towel, especially for a  kitchen or pampering theme.

I collect cute little “surprizes” when I’m out shopping and I was thinking of putting a giveaway together for my next MOPS speaking gig so I went on Pinterest and…

HELLO!! Grown-up Easter baskets!!

They’re pretty much like a normal gift basket but with the addition of anything spring or bunny-related. Think chocolate carrots, floral lotion, a bunny candle or pastel nail polish.

Check them out on my spring style Pinterest board.

Give them to

  • the guests at your Easter celebration
  • the hostess of Easter dinner
  • neighbors
  • friends
  • clients
  • cohorts
  • roommates

They can be as simple as a chocolate bunny, a bottle of pretty nail polish and a cute nail file or as elaborate as you can dream up. A few of my favorite ideas:

  • jam, lemon curd or maple syrup
  • flowers, lavender bundle or a succulent
  • candle or potpourri
  • facial mask
  • soap or bath salts
  • kitchen towel
  • pretty journal or stationary
  • tiny wine cooler or champagne
  • wildflower seeds
  • tea cup or coffee mug
  • spring napkins
  • floral scarf

I hope these gift basket ideas spark your creativity!  

If you put any together, I’d love to see pictures–please share!

grown up Easter basket and gift basket ideas Tabitha Dumas


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