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Getting Personal

If you are reading these words, I am thankful for you. Whether you are a newsletter subscriber, a Signature Color client, a friend online or in real life, a stranger who landed here from a Pinterest rabbit trail or you found me on a Google search, I am grateful for your presence in my online space. It’s getting personal around here and I want to explain.

Getting Personal

As you might have been reading in my newsletter or on social media, my focus these days is on my family, our home and our family businesses. That’s partly because November and December are especially busy times for our family but also because with a toddler, my time is simply limited. My day to day reality is closer to that of a stay-at-home mom so I’ve stepped back from some of my business offerings in order to focus my time and energy on helping my husband and my dad with their businesses.

How am I helping them? Some of it is assisting with their marketing and social media. I run our Faith First Business Networking Group alongside my hubby, and my dad attends (my mom watches Kate, it really is a family affair). I run our home and our family as best I can to free up my husband. I even do personal shopping for my dad!

We all have so much to offer beyond our business titles.

I wrote about it last week here.

My men work hard and don’t have the capacity to do a whole lot more than WORK. And it happens that working behind the scenes…hosting groups…making connections…strategizing with people…and creating collaborations is my “thing.” And there’s no better way for me to apply my “thing” than to growing all of our efforts with the people closest to us.

So what does that have to do with getting personal?Β 

  1. I won’t be using the blog as much as a sales tool for Signature Color Style and my shopping and closet services as I have before. Partly because I already have a slew of content I can repurpose and partly because I’m not focusing on those offerings as much. I need to have a flexible schedule and commit time to “big picture” projects. It’s time for us to level UP, just like I encourage my women to do! Instead…
  2. I’ll be using the blog to talk about what’s happening in my life, to interview local women, to talk about the Big, Simple Life book I’m working on and whatever else is on my mind that I think would interest you. I use to blog that way over ten years ago so I feel like I’m returning to my roots!
  3. I want to host more in my home studio! I’m working on making it a place where ladies can get together to create, collaborate and connect with my eye toward a space outside of our home someday (my BIG dream–eek!). It will be kid-friendly, too. Vision boards, master minds, rock painting, crafting, blogging…I have a big ol’ work table and lots of supplies already at my disposal. Plus a mini coffee bar and plenty of toys! It’s a cute space, I’ll be sharing pictures of it soon (some oldest shots are posted below). Come over!
  4. I’m working from the inside out. What does that mean?? I’m starting with my closest and dearest friends and cohorts to see how we can collaborate because when we say, “We want to work with the people we do life with,” we mean the people in our inner circle! So I’m literally sitting down with friends, neighbors and current business power partners to be more strategic with how we all do business. I’d love to also offer workshops and how-tos on networking, image, power partnerships, etc. so we can all work more efficiently and effectively.
  5. I’ll be promoting local businesses, makers and creatives more. I’d like to even consider a “mini boutique” in my home studio to highlight some of my favorite makers as well as offer a resource center whether for a family law attorney or a social media pro. I’ve always been a connector, I just want to do it more, well, personally.
Personal development is my most-used blog category and it’s going to be even more personal in the days to come.

So if you’re not local to me, I hope this new focus will inspire you to get more personal in your own way. If we do rub elbows in everyday life, we’re excited to collaborate with you! Stay tuned for more…

(my studio in south Chandler, January 2018 ready for my vision board workshop. I had a mini boutique set up that day, too)

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