Get your own signature event

February 26, 2015

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Get your own signature event

When was the last time you hosted an event for your friends, colleagues and cohorts?

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People appreciate getting together, meeting new people and enjoying refreshments. Anymore, it’s a lost art.

If you missed mine recently, here it is: My signature event: the potluck tea party

Get your own Signature Event! Step by step guide plus tips for hosting. From Tabitha Dumas, Image and Influence Strategist.

To help you think through what your signature event might be, grab a pen and tell me…

1. What do you want to share with people?

Mine was my love of tea and living a “tea lifestyle.” Read about it here.

Maybe yours is your Italian heritage, your stunning backyard paradise or your love of gardening and organic foods.

2. What are you known for? 

I’m known for getting women together to mix, mingle and connect.

Maybe you’re known for celebrating diverse cultures, your out-of-this-world barbecue ribs or your cake decorating skills.

3. What do you already have that you can use to host? 

Mine was tea paraphernalia.

Do you have a fire pit that you could use to roast hot dogs or s’mores? Maybe you still have all the serving dishes from that brunch you hosted a few years back. Maybe you have enough sarongs and leis to host a luau.

4. What do the people in your circle of influence long to do more of? 

My lady friends love the opportunity to dress up, nibble a variety of foods and sip tea from dainty cups and saucers.

Your people might need a “parents’ night out,” a girls-only pajama party or a cooking demonstration. Maybe your work friends want to relax. Maybe you have several spheres of influence who’ve never met before and now it’s time.


Let’s plan this thing!

Think about the people you would invite, too. Make sure the event would include those you envision attending. Couples? Business associates? Moms?

Consider the type of event you might want to host. What would you enjoy planning and hosting year after year? You WILL be known for this event, so you should feel excited about it!

You can host something in your home whether it’s inside, outside, day or night. It can be a formal sit-down dinner party for a few of your favorite people or a wild pool party for your friends and their kids.

Maybe your work friends never get together socially, so you host a wine and cheese night for them.

Maybe you’d like to meet more of your neighbors and show off you’re new grill so you host a barbecue.

Maybe you love sharing your grandmother’s lasagna so you host a big family-style Italian dinner, complete with music and red check tablecloths.

Maybe you know a lot of lonely stay-at-home moms to you host a play date and craft day for moms and their kiddos.

You could also bring a chef in to teach a cooking class, include something educational or add a fundraiser component. Again, it just has to be a reflection of you and your values.

Have fun with it and people will be excited to attend.

I’d love to hear some ideas about the kind of signature event you plan to host! Feel free to ask questions or request feedback, too. I’ll be looking for my invitation to YOUR signature event soon!


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