Struggling to get motivated? Here’s a secret to get you moving!

October 27, 2014

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Tabitha Dumas
Are you tired of trying to find the motivation to get things done? Do you need a way to keep yourself moving forward on important projects? It’s time to get motivated.

Here’s a secret to get you moving.

There’s a big difference between waking up in the morning saying, “I’m going to find the motivation to organize my closet today!” vs. “I’ve got to streamline my morning routine and start dressing better for my new job–I’m going to organize my closet today!”

There’s one main difference: the WHY.

Having a “why” makes the difference between trying to summon motivation all the time vs. tackling a project to arrive at a specific result.

Your why BECOMES your motivation.

If you are looking for motivation to organize your closet, any distraction or excuse will lead to procrastination. Having a “why” means that those same excuses get pushed aside as you move forward toward your “why.”

Think for a moment about something you recently accomplished. I bet you had a Big Why behind it.

Now think about something you’ve been wanting to get done but keep putting off. I bet you don’t have a Big Why behind it.

Here’s the next move.

  1. Think of something you’ve been wanting to get done.
  2. Give it a Big Why. Maybe even find an image or mantra to go with it, to post as a reminder.
  3. If it doesn’t have a Big Why, consider delegating it, completing it as simply and quickly as possible…or not doing it at all.

If it’s something you already committed to, perhaps your Big Why can simply be “getting it behind me.” This works for things like medical procedures and filing your taxes, by the way. “I’ll feel so good when this is over!” is a GREAT why!


I’m not saying that everything that truly matters to us will get done. Friends matter to me but I rarely see them. Some days, I skip reading my Bible and praying so I can take longer on my hair. This post is just meant to encourage you to find a WHY for what matters most to help you move forward. No one can “do it all” and even the most so-called “motivated people” have important things that they simply don’t have room for. And that’s OK.

So. What needs to get done this week? What Big Why can you attach to it?

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  1. Suzan

    Great content here Tabitha… Love how your put your thoughts down into words ♥
    The organization of our closet makes such a difference in how we operate during the day.
    ♥ Blessings ♥

  2. Tiffiny

    “No one can do it all…and that’s OK.” Good for me to hear as I recently said a prayer asking God to help me “do it all.” I’m pretty sure He just chuckled at me. I’m now thinking seriously about how to delegate and streamline.


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