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March 6, 2015

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

When was the last time that you truly had FUN?

My kids have “Fun Friday” at school every Friday, which basically means that they work hard all week to earn 10-30 minutes of free/play time at the end of the day on Friday.

They look forward to it all week.

As a child, I loved Fridays, too! Fridays usually meant that we got to watch a movie (remember how exciting it was when they wheeled in the cart with the TV on it??), got rewards for our accomplishments that week and got to relax after all of that intense learnin’. Plus after school on Friday, our mom always let us buy a treat at the local general store–I usually bought Now & Later candy for a nickel each.

Now & Later candy. When was the last time you had fun?


When I taught school, Friday meant that I survived another week. I would always wear my jeans and wacky socks and as the kids took their spelling and reading tests, I’d walk up and down the rows of desk and flash them my socks just to get a smile. My motto was, “Nothing can touch me on Fridays!”

Now I set aside Friday as a catch-up day or a day off and Friday night means pizza and staying up late playing games or just chilling out at home.

Fridays are FUN. And do you know what the world needs more of these days? Yup. FUN.

But as grownups, it’s easy to forget to have FUN.

What the world needs is more FUN! Happy Fun Friday!

So here are some ideas for how to have more fun today!

1. Blow bubbles.

If you’ve never danced in a flurry of bubbles, I highly recommend it.

Blowing them and seeing them glisten in the light is delightful. Plus it’s a great reminder to BREATHE. Yes, we forget to breathe as we get older, too!

My Signature Event, the potluck tea party! on Running through bubbles is a blast!

2. Blow the other kind of bubbles!

As an image consultant, I advise people to spit out their gum before an event or meeting (and especially before speaking!)  just in case they’re tempted to smack their gum or, gasp, blow bubbles…because it makes you look like an eight-year-old.

BUT, when you’re just out and about being you, feel free to go for it! It’s fun to be eight again!

remember to have fun! Friday fun day

3. Laugh…and spread laughter.

Watch a stand-up comedy routine, rent a funny movie, call a funny friend or just hang out with kids. Laughter releases endorphins and helps you breathe more deeply. We could all use more laughter in our lives.

Joke around with the people in line with you at the bank. Tell a knock-knock joke to a kid. Tell a funny story from your past. Ask someone to tell YOU a funny story. Make it a goal to laugh as much as possible.

4. Embarrass yourself.

As a teacher, I heard a mantra that I adopted as one of my own: at least once a day, you should do something that would embarrass you if someone walked in and saw you doing it.

I used funny voices when I read stories, I made huge gestures to make a point and I’d do just about anything to break the tension on testing day. Sometimes I handed out lollipops just for fun (plus it kept them quiet for half an hour).

So do something nutty. Those red cement balls in front of Target stores? Leap frog over one. Ride on your grocery cart through the parking lot. Try on a few masks at the party store. Take a picture of you jumping puddles. Jump on a trampoline.

Stop taking yourself so seriously and have some fun!

5. Throw a party.

What can you celebrate? Did you just wrap up a project? Did you child get a good grade or did your loved one get a promotion? Is it a day ending in “y?” Grab some balloons and cake and have a party!

After school today, we’re having a Spring Break Party to kick off our two week break from school.

Yes, there will be cupcakes, balloons…and bubbles!!

These are just a few ideas…share YOUR favorite ways to have more FUN!


  1. Brigette

    I had a meeting this past Monday evening and decided to bring dessert for the group to share. I made Rice Krispies Treats and here’s why….

    1) Adults love Rice Krispies Treats but would never ask for them, they are kind of known as a kid treat,
    2) they makes you feel like a kid when you eat them
    3) they are easy to make if you are having a busy day/week,
    4) my friend with a wheat allergy can have them (that’s a bonus)!

    So that’s what I did to have fun and create a little fun for my fellow board members!

    • Tabitha Dumas

      Brigette!! I love it!! It’s so true…people won’t ask, but they’ll sure enjoy them!! It’s fun to feel like a kid again and I love that it works for those with allergies! You are so thoughtful…and FUN!!


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