Follow your heart and embrace what you love

February 13, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

It breaks my heart when women turn away from what brings them joy because “they” say it’s wrong. That’s why I wanted to encourage you to

follow your heart and embrace what you love.

My story actually has to do with HEARTS, so the title is even more apt.

I am a self-proclaimed girlie girl. I love sparkle, twirly skirts and pink fingernails. I still play dress up, use glitter pens and pamper myself.

I’ve always loved hearts. I draw a heart every time I sign my name.

Here’s my heart shirt with my heart balloons last year. 

Embrace what you love by

Downtown Gilbert, my heart’s home. February 2015.

I love hearts on my clothes, my stationary and, most recently, my body. I recently even bought these heart Lularoe leggings.

Embrace what you love by

Heart leggings!

The story is that, long about the age of 16, I was browsing at the fine jewelry store in the mall where my friend worked at the time. As usual, I was admiring something heart-shaped.

“You need to get over the hearts thing. Grow up.”

That’s what she told me.

Maybe she was kidding or teasing, I don’t know.

But for years afterward, I looked at my love of hearts as silly and immature.

In my adulthood, I rejected the notion that we outgrow hearts at some point.

I haven’t outgrown hearts, I LOVE them more than ever now.

That’s partly why I throw a Valentine’s Day tea party every year! There are hearts EVERYwhere! Notice my heart earrings. I was also wearing a crystal-encrusted heart necklace.

Embrace what you love by

It’s like one of my recent recipients of a Signature Color.

I assigned her purple and she wrote me back and said,

“I use to love to wear purple but I stopped when I got my first job and I started wearing gray and black. I still love purple and I’m going to start wearing it again!” 

That makes my heart so happy.

She’s returning to her love of purple.

So. What is something that you love, that you’re drawn to, that was once your “thing” that you’ve gotten away from because THEY said you’d outgrown it?

Maybe it’s painting or gardening. Maybe it’s twirly skirts or glittery nail polish. Maybe it’s skipping, singing or wearing yellow.

[tweetthis]I encourage you to embrace what you love. You’re a grown-up now, you can do what you want! @tabithadumas[/tweetthis]

Life is too short to postpone joy.

Follow your heart!

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