Five vision board options

November 8, 2020

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Tabitha Dumas

Out of all my offerings, vision board workshops and vision board parties are a huge favorite. A.k.a. dream boards, there are many different ways to approach creating a vision board and here are five vision board options I’ve seen my ladies find the most useful.

One:: Create sections within your vision board for the different facets or focuses of your life.

This gives you a snapshot of your goals and dreams but in an organized way.

  • top left career and work
  • top right home and family
  • bottom left future dreams and goals
  • bottom right health, wellness and hobbies

Of course you can choose whatever sections you want and place them where you want, it just has to make sense to you.

Two:: Write your goals on the back so you can check them off as they’re achieved.

The front then would be images to represent those goals as well as words that you find motivating or inspiring. This one is for my ladies who don’t want to dream about the future or explore their deepest desires–they want to set concrete goals and work at achieving them. Having a visual definitely helps keep us on track!

Three:: Have a double sided board with personal dreams on the front and professional ambitions on the back.

If you’re someone who likes to keep business and personal separate, this is a great option.

Four:: Go on a vision quest, choosing the images, words and phrases that appeal to you then see what emerges.

For this one, you might not even know what your board means until months or even years later when things start to materialize or make sense. You simply choose what stands out and let it come together organically.

Five:: Choose your one word or your focus for the future and choose images and words accordingly.

Then when you create your board, layer background images first then smaller pictures then words. This is the technique I employ and is the most popular. You can have the “big picture dreams” represented or the more short term ones or a mix of both. You can also have work, relationships, hobbies and home all on the same board.

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Which method have you used? Which one would you like to try?


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