Fight for your life

January 28, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

I implore you…please don’t wait until rock bottom or a tragedy visits to

fight for your life.

You’ll feel the pull.

To go with the flow. To listen to the “they.” To postpone your dreams.

Cuz, man, is it hard work to go after what you want.

Everyone wants to tell you what to do and how to do it. As soon as we figure out something that works for us, we want to host a webinar about it and tell everyone to do it our way.

It can leave the rest of us feeling like everyone else has it all figured out and we don’t. Like we don’t have much to offer. Like we fall short or don’t measure up.

So we shut down and allow ourselves to be pulled downstream.

Fight for your life!

We follow the recommendations, purchase the life-changing products, structure our business “the right way,” follow the advice of the professionals.

We lose ourselves little by little in the process, one micro decision at a time. 

Then something happens.

A diagnosis. An accident. A loss. A miscarriage (that was mine).

And we realize that we’re living someone else’s life.

The THING we started? It looks nothing like we thought it would.

That stuff we always wanted to do? Never happened.

Our authenticity has waned, our relationships have suffered, our vision has grown blurry.

Stop going with the flow. Fight for your life.


Or if you’re like me, you realize that the real reason you got into this whole thing has faded so far into the background that you’ve nearly lost sight of it.

I had one wake-up call and I’m not in the market for another one.

[tweetthis]I don’t want another wake-up call, I want to be wide awake NOW. @tabithadumas[/tweetthis]

In 2016, I’m fighting for what I want.

I want to help women pursue their God-given purpose, whether I’m posting an inspiring blog post, hosting a pajama tea party or giving a makeover.

I’m taking my time figuring out what I really want and how I want to do it. I’m ignoring the “they.”

I’m fighting for my life. 

Fight for your life!

It pains me to see women swept up in the “shoulds” instead of pursuing their heART work.

I hope you’ll fight for your life. We’re in this together.

Contact me for a Strategy Tea to create a fight plan!

Work with me.

Fight for your life!


What are you fighting for right now? Comment or share on the Facebook page.

A fight song to borrow for those who have a lot of fight left.

Stop going with the flow. Fight for your life.



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