Fall colors for your Dominant Color Category

September 6, 2016

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Tabitha Dumas

It’s barely September and fall fashion is everywhere! Fall colors are gorgeous but can leave you wondering if you can actually wear mustard yellow or moss green. So here are the best

fall colors for your Dominant Color Category.


If you are a LIGHT, pale to medium hues are always best.

If you are a DEEP, the deeper the color the better.

If you are a SOFT, medium tones are ideal.

If you are a CLEAR, the brighter and more vivid colors work well.

If you are a COOL, stick to the cooler purples and blues.

If you are a WARM, fall is YOUR SEASON!

Not sure of your Dominant Color Category? Discover Your Signature Color here.

Here are some ideas for each category.


My ladies with blonde or white hair, fair skin and light to medium eye color.

Your “pop” colors are shades of blue, purple and pink so fall is tricky!

Definitely stick to your gray and camel basics.

A light orange-peach, turquoise and maroon are nice, especially paired with lighter colors.

If you’re going to wear bright or deep colors, keep lighter shades closer to your face.

Fall colors for your Dominant Color Category--LIGHT. tabithad.sg-host.com


These are my gals with medium to dark brown hair or black hair, medium to dark skin tone and hazel, brown or black eyes.

Fall colors are phenomenal for you!

Your “pop” colors are purple, true red, persimmon (a deep orange) and royal blue.

Teal, animal print, maroon and forest green are also beautiful.

Embrace black and brown basics.

Deep florals, checks and plaids are also fun to play with.

Fall colors for your Dominant Color Category--DEEP. tabithad.sg-host.com


Soft ladies have light to medium brown hair, light to medium skin tone and medium intensity eyes.

Think MEDIUM intensity shades for fall.

Your “pop” colors are butter yellow, teal blue, coral and mint green.

For fall, teal works perfectly, just deepen the others a bit and try mustard yellow, deep coral and an army green.

Stick to your medium denims, gray and medium brown.

Stripes, florals and animal prints with medium contrast are lovely, too.

Fall colors for your Dominant Color Category--SOFT. tabithad.sg-host.com


If you’re a Clear, you have dark medium or black hair, very light or medium skin tone and bright eyes (or dark brown).

Your “pop” colors are bright purple, clear red, sunny yellow and hot pink.

Have fun with red and purple. Try hot pink with charcoal gray.

Play with high-contrast prints and outfits, like stripes and plaid or black pants with a white sweater.

Fall colors for your Dominant Color Category--CLEAR. tabithad.sg-host.com


Fall is your seasons, Warms!

You have red or golden blonde or brown hair, any skin tone and green, blue, brown or hazel eyes.

Your “pop” colors are PERFECT for fall! Rust, butterscotch, copper and turquoise. 

Play with your fall colors! Try greens, purple, teal and maroon.

Paisley, florals and animal prints are also beautiful in your colors.

Fall colors for your Dominant Color Category--WARM. tabithad.sg-host.com


My cool ladies have silver, gray or ash brown hair, light to deep skin tone and blue, green, hazel or brown eyes.

Fall is challenging for Cools!

Stick to icy shades of pink and purple.

Purple and turquoise are fun, even with a little rust or copper mixed in. Just keep it cool with silver jewelry or a cool-toned scarf.

Think berry shades for fall like merlot, raspberry and grape.

Black, gray or metallic basics will keep you Cool.

Fall colors for your Dominant Color Category--Cool. tabithad.sg-host.com

I hope these fall colors for your Dominant Color Category helped you!

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Let me know if you have any specific challenges or concerns. I’m here to help!

Fall colors for your Dominant Color Category from tabithad.sg-host.com


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