Fall color inspiration

October 4, 2016

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Fall is easily my favorite season partly because it offers so much inspiration. Leaves turning colors, a midnight sky, pumpkins, cranberries…beautiful. Here is some fall color inspiration for you.

Fall color inspiration

and some fun ideas for what to do with them!

If you don’t have a Signature Color yet, start there.

Or take advantage of my Fall Specials.

You’ll also love Fall Colors for Your Color Code.


Pantone is the leading expert on color trends and these are their fall 2016 colors. The love the presence of cooler colors like the purple and blue.

Fall color inspiration from TabithaDumas.com


Maroon/cranberry/merlot (“dusty cedar” above)

Fall color inspiration from TabithaDumas.com


Bags, nail polish and scarves top the list.

A skirt or coat makes a statement!

Army green/moss green

This color is so versatile and works with virtually any wardrobe.

It pairs well with navy, white, black, denim…and practically every color.

My favorite ways to wear it?

Military jacket…

…or jeans. Click on the link in the photo caption below to see all the ways you can wear them!


It’s a “pop” color for me as a Deep Dominant Color Category. It’s like a richer version of coral, but brighter than a rust or copper. 

Pants, a blouse, a scarf…but my favorite is pairing it with animal print!

Fall color inspiration from TabithaDumas.com


Talk about a rich color!

It’s great for work…

…or weekends. It’s fabulous with denim. 

Fall color inspiration from TabithaDumas.com

I also love an eggplant bag for fall! (or a hat!)


My favorite Signature Color to assign, it’s another color that is universally flattering and goes so well with a variety of other colors. Neither warm nor cool, it can be worn with black or brown and silver or gold jewelry.

It goes well with many fall plaids and tweeds.

And works equally well with black, brown or gray.

Mustard Yellow

This is a color I don’t wear myself but it works for well for fall and looks like a dream on certain women.

Here are a couple of women in works particularly well for:

Fall color inspiration from TabithaDumas.com Fall color inspiration from TabithaDumas.com

Animal Print

I know it’s not a color. Although I do assign it as a Signature Color! The browns and blacks plus the fun pattern steals my heart every time. The right animal print (the right colors and contrast) can work on anyone. It’s the perfect accent to a plain outfit, too.

Read about the right animal print for you here.

Scarves are my favorite but shoes and bags are classic wardrobe staples with a lot of personality.

I hope you enjoyed this fall color inspiration!

What are your favorites?? Comment or keep the conversation going on Facebook.

FALL color inspiration from tabithad.sg-host.com


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