Things to do with extra free time on your hands

March 15, 2020

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

We just found out our spring break was extended by four days for a total of 21 days–maybe more. Lots of people are staying home. Maybe you’re looking for things to do with extra free time on your hands! I thought I’d provide you my best ideas!


Choose your one word for 2020

Put your vision board together (great for all ages! I give you all the steps and worksheets)

Create your vision affirmation statement

Try a purpose reboot

Are you an aspiring author or writer? Do these three things first

Start journaling

Start your day with a Morning basket for moms


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Declutter your closet

Organize your closet

Revisit the best spring colors for your Color Code

Inventory your wardrobe for spring and make a shopping list

Work on your spring capsule wardrobe (and see the breakdown of mine!)

Take the QUIZ to discover your style

I’d love to help you Discover Your Signature Color!


Put together your “me moments” box


Give yourself a spot in your home

Create a reading nook

Create a coffee and tea station

Start a creative practice and set up an art corner


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Please let me know if you use any of these ideas or resources! Do you have anything to add for when you extra free time? I’ll be working on creating a toy rotation for Kate…and of course I’ll blog about it when I’m done!

Finding yourself with extra time on your hands? Here are some purposeful ideas for you! Tabitha Dumas



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