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July 31, 2017

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Tabitha Dumas

My tag line is Elevate your image. Expand your influence. Most of my image clients are looking to become more influential and they know their image matters.

AS you elevate your image, you expand your influence.

The better you look and the more confidence you feel, the more connections you make and the more doors open up. Similarly, if you are someone who is becoming more influential, you NEED to elevate your image to gain credibility and be remembered. I’m passionate about seeing women expand their influence so I wanted to address

why expand your influence.

Elevate your image. Expand your influence. -tabithad.sg-host.com Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant

Just like everyone is a leader, everyone has influence. Read You Are An Influencer.

Yes, YOU are a leader. YOU are a person of influence.

Whether a mama or a CEO, your life makes a statement.

Everyone has influence so everyone should be concerned with becoming more influential, a.k.a. how to expand your influence.

Influence can mean many things. Here are a few ideas.

  • being “out there” (both online and in your local community)
  • embracing you’re a leader
  • mentoring
  • recognizing the circle of influence you belong to (those who mentor you and those you mentor + cohorts, power partners, service providers, etc.)
  • being a lifelong learner
  • having a reputation as a giver and a value-adder
  • referring and promoting others
  • volunteering for your favorite causes
  • being comfortable with appropriate self-promotion
  • pursuing personal and professional development to avoid growing stale
  • owning your expertise
  • teaching
  • speaking
  • networking to expand your circle
  • being accessible and approachable

To expand your influence, you must be seen which is why your image is so important.

Influence also largely depends on being “out there.” No one became more influential by sitting at home or playing it safe.

No one became more influential by staying home or playing it safe. Elevate your image. Expand your influence. -tabitha dumas phoenix image consultant

There are so many ways to expand your influence, starting with your own personal development and extending into your neighborhood, community, town and beyond. I am passionate about this topic and try to live it every day.

You have so much to give. Your influence is changing the world.

My passion is seeing women pursuing their purpose.

I’d be thrilled if you would pin and share with the fabulous people you know! 

It's time to expand your influence! -Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant tabithad.sg-host.com/expand-your-influence



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