My ethereal maternity portraits

September 5, 2017

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Tabitha Dumas

My maternity portraits were taken in Gilbert, Arizona on a 105-degree day in August 2017 after my baby shower at the Gilbert Historical Museum. I’d gotten my makeup done that morning and despite it being hot, humid and buggy, we were determined to get what I wanted:

ethereal maternity portraits.

If you’re new to me, the back story is that I am 39 years old, I’ve been married for 15 years and we have two sons, ages 11 and eight. I have always wanted a daughter so after the first two, when we truly had no preference on the gender, we prayed that we’d get pregnant again…and with a girl. It mattered this time.

“Pregnancy is the only time in a woman's life she can help God work a miracle.”

It took us four years of “trying” before I had the shock of my life early on a January morning when I got a positive pregnancy test. We held out hope that it was a girl.

It’s a girl.
Gender reveal

Pink silly string and confetti at our gender reveal!

You see, I’m incredibly close to my mom and she’s incredibly close to her mom and my aunt. All of my aunts have daughters! My two BFFs from age 10 have daughters. Everyone has been rooting for me to have a daughter for a loooong time. It’s a big deal and surprising my mom and grandmother was one of the best moments of my life.

Gender reveal

Four generations of women–finally!

To say this has been a long time coming is a major understatement.

That’s why I wanted images to cherish for years to come, so that Kate would know she was highly anticipated and deeply loved, and why I was intent on having ethereal maternity portraits. This whole experience has had an ethereal quality to it and the women in our family are all about whimsy, fun and enchantment so it just made sense.

Thankfully one of my dearest friends happens to be an incredibly talented photographer.

She was one of the first people I told I was pregnant and one of the first things she said was, “I’m doing your maternity portraits and your newborn photos!!”

Meet Alicia of Beba Photography. Her website is This woman finds your inner sparkle and puts it on display! She made our sessions fun and I’ve learned that when she says to tilt your chin or look over there or turn your shoulders–you just do it. She has an incredible eye, and a way of capturing the light perfectly–you just have to trust her.

So we started at a soccer field that happens to have some very magical foliage behind it! I still had on the dress and flower sash from my baby shower and I love the colors. I want Alicia to photograph Kate with this sash at her newborn shoot!

Ethereal maternity portraits Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas

Ethereal maternity portraits Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas

After a quick change, we got a few shots of this pink bridesmaids dress I already had before the mosquitoes attacked our friend who was assisting us and we got outta there.

Ethereal maternity photos Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas

Ethereal maternity portraits Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas


Next we went to the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert, Arizona. It’s such a beautiful place for pictures! Alicia knew just where she wanted to head first and even my untrained eye could tell the lighting was perfect. This was one of the first pictures we took and it’s still one of our favorites–check out the duck!!

Ethereal maternity portraits Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas

The trees in this spot were spectacular.

Ethereal maternity photos Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas


We had some fun along the water’s edge, too.

Ethereal maternity portraits Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas



Then Alicia caught some of these beauties as the sun went down.

Ethereal maternity portraits Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas



Here are a few artistic shots and we love them! This one highlights the bracelet I wore on our wedding day, my great-grandmother’s diamond ring and my grandmother’s pearl necklace she presented me with on my wedding day.

Ethereal maternity portraits Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas



Ethereal maternity shoot Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas

Alicia definitely brought my vision for ethereal maternity portraits to life, WAY beyond my expectations.

She insists they took little editing–I credit baby Kate for making me look so good!

I also need to give credit to my friend and makeup artist, Kaleigh Martinez.
Find her on Facebook here. I love what she did with my makeup and I’ve been trying to copy it ever since! (alas, contouring and shading aren’t my specialties)



I hope you enjoyed these maternity portraits!

If you’re in need of a Phoenix valley photographer, Alicia is your girl, especially if you have a princess of your own!

Feel free to pin and share. In fact, we’d love it if you did! 

My ethereal maternity portraits. Beba Photography Tabitha Dumas


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