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Elevate Your In-Person Image This Summer

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Update your summer look!

Summer means longer days, kids home from school, vacations and, for those of us in the Phoenix area, trying to look stylish in 110+ weather!

Whether you’re living most days going between pajamas and bathing suits or figuring out how to look professional at the office while staying cool, here are a few ideas for how to Elevate Your In-person Image This Summer.

(for more ideas, check out my Summer Fun Pinterest board)

1. Play with summer colors.

Citrus hues

Update your summer image! Try citrus colors. tabithadumas.com
Image via Bedazzles After Dark

Bright pink, turquoise and green (think: Caribbean)…

Update your summer look! Try citrus colors. tabithadumas.com
Image via J’s Everyday Fashion

and white on white (or even sandy beige).

Update your summer look! White on while with hints of turquoise. tabithadumas.com
Image via Chico’s
Update your summer look! White with sandy beige. tabithadumas.com
Image via Polyvore

Experiment with colors that remind you of summer or that help you feel cooler.

Wear a bright pink top under your suit jacket, paint your toes neon blue or keep a bouquet of sunflowers on your desk.

Not sure of your best colors for summer? Discover Your Signature Color!

2. Update your wardrobe with summer basics.

Here’s a check list from Shari Braendel‘s book, “Help Me Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear!” available right here:

____ 2 pairs of shorts

____ 1 pair of capris or cropped pants

____ 2 pairs of lightweight pants in your style preference

____ 4-5 tops in flattering colors and style

____ 1 lightweight sweater or jacket

____ 2 summer dresses

____ 1 lightweight skirt

____ comfy casual flats or sandals

____ trendy sandals in a higher heel or wedge

____ swimsuit and cover-up

____ 3-4 trendy accessories

____ summer tote or bag

A pretty beach towel would be nice, too, especially if it coordinated with your bathing suit and cover up. 

If your wardrobe needs a refresh, get my Love Your Wardrobe! ebook here for just $9.

3. Update your skin care and makeup routine

Summer means adding sun protection, lightening up on moisturizer and foundation and embracing summer makeup colors.

Try out shades of coral and pink on your cheeks and lips for a fresh, youthful glow. Neutral peaches and pinks flatter almost everyone.

Bright, bold lips are very trendy this summer! 

Contact your favorite Mary Kay lady or contact me for a referral for a MakeUpdate–or book an appointment at your favorite mall makeup counter.

BONUS TIP: Keep clear aloe and a spray toner in the fridge to cool off and refresh skin.

Update your summer look. Try new makeup shades! tabithadumas.com
A lovely summer makeup look! Shop here

Speaking of skin…

4.  Show some skin!

Don’t be afraid to wear a sleeveless top (or cap sleeves if you need coverage), a sundress, capris or shorts.

Feeling pale? Try a self tanner. Just remember your sunscreen.

Feeling exposed? Add a sheer kimono or a light linen blouse.

“Cold shoulder” tops are IN! 

Update your summer look! Try a cold shoulder blouse. tabithadumas.com
Purchase via Venus
5. Have fun with accessories.

Try out different sun hats, wear a cute anklet or buy sunglasses in a fun pattern. Wear hot pink sandals or a cover-up in an animal print, even if it’s too “wild” for your normally. Summer is the time to play and express yourself!

Update your summer look! Try an animal print cover up. tabithadumas.com
Via Boomerinas

I hope this helps you update your summer look!

Remember to visit my Summer Fun Pinterest board for more ideas!

Is your image in a funk? Does your wardrobe need a refresh? Do you need to find your own personal style? Do you need help dressing for an upcoming event or packing for a trip?

Consider a Style Launch!

Great tips to update your summer look. Try new colors, wear all white and more. TABITHADUMAS.COM

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