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Five tips in five minutes: Elevate Your Image


OK, I am giving myself five minutes, here goes.

Do you want to look your best? Do you want to “get noticed and become unforgettable?” 

Here are five quick tips for you to elevate your image! 

1. Wear colors.

NO, gray, black and white don’t count, except as the foundation for real, ACTUAL colors. My favorite neutrals that virtually anyone can wear well are turquoise, purple and red. 

Stand out in a sea of gray!

Enhance your image--five tips from TabithaDumas.com
These neutral shades of red, purple and turquoise look great on everyone!

2. Wear jewelry. 

Just a pair of earrings or a simple necklace catch the eye of those around you. Wear rings and bracelets for your OWN delight! Jewelry is also a great conversation-starter.

3. Smile more.

Try it–smile at people and see if they smile back. People who smile are seen as happier (of course) as well as more approachable and friendly. You’ll be surprised at the new friends you can make–and even the better customer service you can receive!–when you smile more.

4. Wear makeup. 

Even a little lip gloss or mascara says “I care about my appearance” and “I put in some effort.” Studies show that women who wear more makeup are seen as more capable, confident and intelligent–and with a greater attention to detail!

5. Have a signature piece.

You can have a signature color, necklace, bag or a myriad of other options.

Maybe you carry a bright yellow camera bag, always wear a vintage brooch on your lapel or paint polka dots on your toe nails.  To enhance your image, choose something very “you” that makes an impression.

I’m known for colorful bags, notebooks and, well, colorful EVERYthing! (as seen below) Plus all that color makes me smile more! 

enhance your image post--five tips. Tabihadumas.com image and influence consultant.
Wear color, have a signature piece, wear jewelry, wear makeup.


Need help elevating your image? Contact me for an image assessment!

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