Elevate bath time

January 13, 2019

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Aaahhh, bathing. Something a new mom calls a luxury just to jump in the shower for a few minutes. Or it can also be a regular ritual to unwind and be pampered. Winter is the perfect time to elevate bath time.

It’s easy when there are so many fun options from bath bombs to bubble baths to floating herbs and flowers. You can read in the tub, listen to music, or just enjoy the silence.

My favorite way to take a bath has several steps. It maximizes your time and allows you to combine a bath with a facial and a body scrub. The best kind of multi-tasking! When you plan to elevate bath time, remember to pay attention to all the senses: sound, scent, touch, taste and lighting.

Elevate bath time by Tabitha Dumas author of Big, Simple Life and Phoenix image consultant

  1. Adjust the lighting, play music, light candles, pour yourself a drink.
  2. Choose a favorite towel plus your washcloth, loofah, soap, razor, etc. (the prettier, the better)
  3. Start your bath water to your preferred temperature. I like mine just a notch or two under unbearably hot.
  4. Apply a face mask. My favorites are clay or charcoal. Make sure it can stay on for fifteen or so minutes. I make my own clay mask using clay from my favorite herb store mixed with water or milk.
  5. Choose a body scrub or mix your own with salt or sugar, olive oil and essential oils.
  6. Dry brush if you choose.
  7. Scrub your feet then step into the water and scrub your skin from the feet up, allowing the scrub to fall into the water.
  8. Slip in and enjoy!

A few more ideas:

  • customize your scent to be relaxing, rejuvenating, energizing or soothing
  • add Epsom salts to detoxify and sooth sore muscles
  • play a meditation while you soak
  • add herbs and/or crystals to create your own healing potion
  • go in with an intention of letting go of something or embracing something
How will you elevate bath time?

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Elevate bath time by Tabitha Dumas author of Big, Simple Life and Phoenix image consultant


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