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Maximize your time in the dressing room

Most of us have better things to do than spend extra time and energy in the dressing room trying on clothes. I know some of you don’t even like shopping! So here are some dressing room tips to maximize your time. 

Shop on purpose.

When you’re shopping, you should have a list of the pieces you need to round out your wardrobe. Without a list, you’re more likely to buy what’s on sale or buy items you think are cute but that don’t go with anything you own.

For help, try…
Wear what’s in your closet (a.k.a. “Why you’re not wearing those clothes”)
Before you buy any fall clothes, do these 5 things
Before you buy any spring clothes, do these 5 things

Know your best colors.

You should be able to eliminate 90% of any store just by color so you’re not taking things into the dressing room that won’t work for you.

Having a Signature Color+ knowing your Color Code both help.

Discover Your Signature Color (which includes verifying your Color Code)
Determine your Color Code

Wear a properly-fitted bra.

The correct bra makes a big difference in how clothes fit! Most women need more support and lift so if it’s been a while since you’ve had a professional bra fitting, visit your favorite department store to make sure you’re wearing the right bra.

Shop in outfits.

You find the cutest fall blouse but you’re wearing shorts. What do you have at home that you’d wear it with? Grab a similar item to try it on so you see how it will work.

BONUS TIP: I suggest buying outfits when you’re shopping so you’re guaranteed to have a complete outfit. Otherwise you’ll end up with a closet full of random separates and that “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” feeling.

Move in your clothes.

Unless you stand with your head high, shoulders back and one hand on your hip all day, don’t pose in front of the mirror…move around like you would in real life. Sit down to make sure the skirt doesn’t hitch up. If you’ll be giving a presentation, raise your arms over your head. Lean over to make sure you have enough coverage. Look at your side view and back view, too, for gaps or awkward seams.

Make comfort a priority.

If a fabric is scratchy or a strap is falling in the dressing room, imagine how much it will bug you after an entire day wearing it!

Try on items with the proper shoes.

If you’ll be wearing heels with your dress pants or boots with a certain skirt, wear the correct shoes or take some into the dressing room with you.

Remember proportions.

Pair fitted tops with loose bottoms or loose tops with fitted bottoms. Loose + loose = sloppy and fitted + fitted = scandalous.

Ask yourself questions before buying.

My friend and cohort Kelsa Dickey of Fiscal Fitness Phoenix reminds her clients that asking yourself three questions before making a purchase will dramatically cut down on impulse buys. The questions you ask help you slow down and interrupts your brain waves, snapping you back into more rational thinking. I suggest choosing from these:

  • Does it fit and flatter me?
  • Do I have at least three items in my closet to wear it with?
  • Do I have shoe and accessories to wear it with?
  • Is it the right color, contrast and scale and proportion?
  • Does it suit my lifestyle?
  • Is the cost per wear low?
  • Do I LOVE it?

I hope these dressing room tips help you! What other issues or concerns to you have?? Let me know!

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