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Do you have a signature color?

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As a person with any ambition at all, you MUST stand out from the crowd.

Successful people are memorable people. Having a signature color makes you unforgettable!

Whether you represent a pest control company or are a Realtor, a direct sales rep or a mom with an invention idea, if your goal is to be noticed and remembered, you have to celebrate your uniqueness to capture people’s attention and remain memorable.

Tabitha Dumas do you have a Signature Color what is my Signature Color Phoenix Image Consultant
My Signature Color shows up in my turquoise earrings!

Everyone needs a signature color that people associate you with.

Maybe it’s a color you wear every day in one form or another, like a statement ring or the color of your socks.

Maybe it’s the color dress or shirt you wear to speaking engagements or special occasions.

Maybe it’s the color of your logo, the color envelope you use for direct mailing or the color of your tablecloth for vendor events. Ideally, it would be all of those things.

This is just one tiny portion of my office and my signature color (turquoise) shows up in my holiday decor, coffee maker, bins and even my mannequin’s clothes!

Why you need a signature color

I love to encourage people to get out of the black, gray and white box. Most of the world–especially the professional world–wears black, gray and white or maybe navy blue. To stand out, just wear a COLOR like red, purple or yellow…or even silver or polka dots!

You can still wear a gray suit–just add a purple flower pin or pocket square, or carry a bright yellow laptop bag. Heck, even plaid or animal print can be a signature color!

The ideal signature color is one that

  • you enjoy wearing–you feel good in it
  • suits your coloring–it compliments your complexion
  • enhances your image–it tells people something positive about you and your brand or business

Do some research on the psychology of color…visit my Color Love Pinterest board and think about the colors YOU love and why you love them.

Check out my Signature Color Pinterest Board, too, for ideas and inspiration!

Follow TabithaDumas.com’s board Color:: Your Signature Color on Pinterest.

Have you ever considered having a Signature Color? Do you know someone who has a signature color? If so, what does it do for them? Leave a comment or hop on over to Facebook to keep the conversation going!

Let’s make you unforgettable! Discover Your Signature Color today so YOU can Elevate Your Image.

Do you have a signature color- Get noticed and become unforgettable. From Image and Influence Strategist Tabitha Dumas.


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