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October 11, 2023

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

You know the thing. The thing you’ve been wanting to do. The thing you see other people do and wish you were doing, too. The thing you are convinced you could do better! The thing on your vision board. The thing in your daydreams. The thing you thought about as a little girl. The thing you said you’d do last year (or five years ago). The thing you just can’t let go of. The thing you feel like God’s called you to do that seems impractical, silly or even impossible.

Do the thing.

You’re not getting any younger and there will never be a perfect time. You don’t have to be 100% ready and things don’t have to be perfectly aligned.

One reason I keep blogging, speaking, posting and hosting is because I’ve done a slew of things over the years–all of them imperfectly–and want to encourage other women to go for it, too!

You, too, can do the thing…

  • with an outdated, messy or small house
  • with little or no social media presence
  • without knowing the exact mission and vision of the organization
  • without dazzling business cards
  • despite food sensitivities and anxiety
  • without as much practice as you would prefer
  • even if you forget some of the supplies or handouts
  • before you change your weight…or your hair color…or your wardrobe
  • in an in-between season of life
  • with just a few people
  • with complete strangers
  • without sales funnels and pricing packages
  • even when you see people around you doing it better

Keep showing up. Keep taking steps. Keep practicing. 

There are people waiting for you to do the thing. They’re cheering you on! They’re not expecting perfection. They might be judging you but it’s probably more like, “Wow, I could never do that!” or “I’m so proud of her!”

Stop listening to the cynics. Stop taking advice from people who are behind you. Start trusting in your calling and your vision and your gifting.

Action leads to clarity. You won’t know how to improve or innovate or pivot if you don’t start. Until you start moving forward, you can’t see the path ahead. God is walking with you but you’re not going to progress if you’re standing still.

This may seem like a lot of platitudes or cliché advice so feel free to peruse my website for practical, hands-on advice from my actual experience. I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the years and too many of them regretted putting off that thing they felt called to do. Part of why I put myself out there is to give you tips and techniques to do the same!

When you decide to do the thing…

  • your friends, family and cohorts celebrate and participate and encourage you which fuels you for next time
  • you find out how strong you are
  • you learn ways to cope with things like nerves and excess sweating and a nervous stomach which helps you in all of life
  • you become even more committed to your “why” because you see how it affects real people in real time
  • opportunities and connections arise that wouldn’t have otherwise
  • you gain valuable experience, practice and insight
  • you inspire others to do their own thing, too!

I’d love to help you do the thing! Reach out to me if you need help or want to collaborate.

Do the thing. Take action on what you've been meaning to do! Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant blogger strategist




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