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Do you have capacity to do more of what you love? My plan is for this to be my last official blog post for 2018 because Thanksgiving week is chock full of family, shopping, food and this year, our son’s 13th birthday (gulp). Then I need recovery time plus it’s my birthday on the 29th and I’ll be in Christmas mode. I’d love to be done with the decorating and shopping by the end of November. My plan is to take December off from most of my business activities and projects except helping host a tea party and a Mrs. Clause event. What does that have to do with doing more of what you love?

do more of what you love. tabitha dumas

The last few weeks, I’ve put my Signature Color Style business on the back burner to recover from the last year! I’ve been helping out my dad and hubby, as I’ve written about in recent posts. Plus prepping for the upcoming holidays meant a complete office overhaul for me. We also deep cleaned our fridge, pantry and oven. We’ve repainted rooms, moved furniture around and purged. There have been days I’ve gone from one project to the next with no down time except when I’m with the kids. I’ve had very little margin. I’ve had some sanity-saving downtime but it’s not spent focused on my passions or hobbies. Maybe you can relate.

do more of what you love. tabitha dumas

The typical pace of life doesn’t leave much room for pursuing what we love, right? Don’t get me wrong–I love family time, organizing, rearranging, decorating, prepping for guests, etc. etc. However I also love aromatherapy, crafting, reading, writing, hosting…the list could go on. And there haven’t been enough hours in the day for those. Part of my purpose is to blaze a trail of the big, simple life so I know I need to simplify and cut back, focus on the people and projects that matter most and be intentional with my time in the hopes that it inspires you to do the same. Harsh truth:

You have to make room to do more of what you love.

Life doesn’t slow down.

do more of what you love. tabitha dumas

I’m not going to find more hours in the day until I cut back so this is cutting back. I want to enjoy December. I want to bake, craft, read, have fun with the kids and stay on top of the house. I’m also making plans for some pretty cool stuff in 2019. I think you’ll like it! It won’t happen unless I’m intentional, though.

What do you love to do that you don’t have time for?

What can you cut to create room?

Create space to do more of what you love. tabitha dumas

Create space to do more of what you love. tabitha dumas

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