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DIY ghost writer costume

Last year I wanted a simple costume that would be spooky and cool (temperature-wise because Halloween is 80+ degrees in Phoenix) so I came up with this super easy

ghost writer costume.

The coolest thing about it is that I AM a ghost writer! So…

The pieces you need are

  • white clothes. A long dress or skirt and something on your arms is ideal. The more ethereal, the better.
  • makeup (white, black and red should work)
  • something ghostly to wear over your head
  • a book or typewriter


I looked through my closet to find this long, white dress and lace topper. I’d worn the white dress for my parents’ wedding vow renewal in 2000 and I scored the lace number from Goodwill a while back because I thought it was kind of funky.

If you don’t own anything that would work, go thrifting because it can (or SHOULD) be stained and tattered. Layers are nice. You could even cut or shred it up a bit. I was going for a more, you know, elegant ghost writer look. 

Ghost Writer costume how-to from Tabithadumas.com


For the white…

I used a better-quality makeup that my mom had on hand from her face painting days. Makeup from the costume store will probably work fine. I do recommend that you use a makeup primer to protect your skin. I applied it lightly then set it with baby powder so it wasn’t tacky.

For the eyes…

I used gray and black shades of Mary Kay eye shadow on my eyelids, and Mary Kay black eyeliner and mascara, too.

For the lips…

I applied my darkest blood red lipstick.

You could go all out and apply white makeup to your arms, hands and feet, too, if you wanted. I wasn’t quite that committed.

BONUS TIP! I also applied baby powder to my hair so it wouldn’t be so stark brown.

Ghost Writer costume how-to from Tabithadumas.com


I went to my local Joann’s Fabrics and looked in their Halloween fabric section and, sure enough, they had this sheer, crinkly fabric that was less than $5/yard and I think I got two yards. I just threw it over my head.


I considered putting a small desk on my lawn and sitting behind my vintage typewriter but, alas, I defaulted to just holding a book.

I still had kids ask, “Where’s your motorcycle?” They thought I said I was a ghost RIDER.

Ghost Writer costume how-to from Tabithadumas.com

Speaking of kids, I will warn you that small children were actually afraid to get too close, at least until I spoke and beckoned them over to the candy bowl. I think you can see why. 

Ghost Writer costume how-to from Tabithadumas.com
We gave out cookies and chips instead of candy and the kids loved it!

It was a fun costume and everyone got a kick out of it–most of all, ME.

My only problem now is how to top it for this year!

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Ghost Writer Costume How-to from TabithaDumas.com

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  1. Hello. I accidentally misplaced some messages you sent me and if you have any copies I would greatly appreciate it. My signature color is purple, I am a cool with brown eyes and salt and pepper hair. You mentioned sending me some mary Kay samples. I would like to try all the samples with the exception of foundation. My skin is very sensitive.

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