Discover Your Style QUIZ

I want to help you discover your style!

“Shop on purpose! Build a wardrobe you love! Express yourself in the way you dress!” they say. It sounds so easy but to do those things, you have to zero in on your style so I’m offering this Discover Your Style Quiz.

Grab a pencil and record your answers.

Choose the option that best describes you.

1. My wardrobe is full of…

A. classic basics that will never go out of style

B. loose, soft and comfortable pieces

C. funky, unique pieces most people would overlook

D. trendy pieces that get me noticed

2. People would say I often look…

A. polished and put-together

B. laid back and comfortable

C. creative and bold

D. stylish and chic

3. I like to shop at stores like…

A. Dress Barn, New York & Co, Talbots, J Crew

B. LL Bean, J. Jill, Christopher & Banks

C. Anthropologie, Francesca’s, thrift stores, vintage shops

D. I can find fabulous pieces anywhere but my favorites are H&M, Loft, Steinmart, Express, TJ Maxx

4. I jazz up an outfit with…

A. a unique but timeless ring or purse, scarves, cardigans

B. a soft scarf, a flowy vest, a simple gemstone necklace

C. bold patterns, animal print, bright florals…anything unusual

D. fabulous jewelry, scarves, vests or dusters

5. I describe my style as…

A. classic and tailored, like Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn but with a modern twist

B. low-maintenance, natural, soft, casual

C. artistic, “boho chic,” whimsical

D. edgy, sassy, fashion-forward

6. If I were treating myself, I would buy…

A. a gorgeous, elegant basic purse that goes with everything

B. ultra-comfy flats in a pretty color

C. a colorful, one-of-a-kind vintage jacket

D. something spectacular in leather with some bling

7. My favorite jewelry is…

A. basic, chic, neutral, elegant

B. simple, organic, understated

C. unique, handmade, colorful, a conversation piece

D. snazzy, bold, on-trend

8. My makeup is…

A. classic, elegant, glamorous

B. simple and natural (if I’m wearing any)

C. fun, playful, colorful

D. bold, sparkly, fun

9. My pajamas are…

A. a pretty nightgown or a matched set in silk or cotton, usually with a robe

B. loose, comfy, cotton

C. vintage pieces, a pretty kimono or a fun print like coffee cups or owls

D. glamorous, fabulous, feminine (maybe leopard or red)

10. The best way to summarize my style is…

A. Classic Modern

B. Pure Natural

C. Creative Original

D. Style Fashionista

Add up how many you have for each letter and Discover Your Style! 

MOSTLY A: Classic Modern

MOSTLY B: Pure Natural

MOSTLY C: Creative Original

MOSTLY D: Style Fashionista

Here’s a description of each along with a link to the Pinterest board.


You enjoy wearing basic wardrobe pieces like tailored slacks, well-cut jackets and smart blouses. Your accessories tend to be simple, but you may add colorful scarves or beads to your outfits. You favor stylish pumps and sandals. Your jeans are nice-fitting. You enjoyed tailored sweaters and jackets. You like basic pieces jazzed up with unique accessories. Stores: New York & Company, Dress Barn, Talbots, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Jones of New York.

Classic Modern Pinterest board


You wear basic dresses and typically avoid heels and pantyhose. Your closet is filled with khaki slacks and shorts, polos and comfortable sandals or clogs. You have a casual lifestyle and a laid-back personality. Stores: Old Navy, Lands’ End, J. Jill, Eddia Bauer, Gap, J. Crew

Pure Natural Pinterest board


You wear dresses and skirts and great-fitting jeans or wide-leg pants. Your skirts are typically longer in length or have a whimsical or artistic print on them. You find interesting jackets or vintage pieces to add to your outfits. You “collect” colorful beads and bangles and unique shoes. Stores: Ross, Chico’s, Coldwater Creek, Anthropologie, Simply Vera (Kohl’s).

Creative Original Pinterest board


You love trying new trends. You wear clothes that are “out of the box” and that get you noticed. Your accessories are big and bold! Stores: T. J. Maxx, H&M, Charlotte Russe, White House Black Market, Calvin Klein, Steinmart, DKNY, Kate Spade.

Style Fashionista Pinterest board


These ladies like classic pieces but add soft lines, flowy fabrics and feminine or romantic details. You might shop at Ann Taylor AND J. Jill, or find classic pieces then accessorize with vintage finds.

Classic Modern Pure Natural Pinterest board

I hope this helped you discover your style!

So? What’s your style? Is it one of these or a combination? I’d love to know!

Discover Your Style QUIZ. FREE! 10 questions and so fun!