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Discover Your Signature Color

Better than ever!

Welcome to my new and improved Discover Your Signature Color service! Please know I personally assign every Signature Color based on my proprietary system and my experience assigning 500+ colors to women all over the world! It's still exciting every time! Besides your Signature Color, I also tell you

  • your Color Code (Light, Deep, Soft, Clear, Warm or Cool)
  • tips for your Color Code including...
  • your "pop" colors
  • your best neutrals
  • best colors for makeup, jewelry, shoes and bags PLUS...
  • links to your specific Pinterest boards
  • information about wardrobe, shopping, etc. based on your questionnaire
  • links to pertinent blog posts
  • many more tips and links! 

I also provide you with a visual of your proposed wardrobe color palette similar to this one. It includes your neutrals, Signature Color and accent colors. Using colors you're already wearing. It's your digital color swatches! 

Discover Your Signature Color from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix image consultant

Your price includes one adjustment based on your feedback.

Phoenix valley locals!

Consider my Color Analysis option which now INCLUDES Discover Your Signature Color plus in-person color draping and trying on your color palette. Go here for more info:

Get started below by submitting payment via Paypal. Included in your checkout message will be a link to the questionnaire. Fill it out, click submit and you'll hear from me within a few days to confirm I received your submission. PLEASE NOTE: I am a one woman show. Expect to receive your color within one week. Feel free to reach out to me if you need yours sooner.

If you hit any snags, contact me! Email: Text: 602.349.1129

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Discover Your Signature Color from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant Signature Color Style
Top Ten Signature Colors from Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant
Phoenix Color Analysis offered by Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Image Consultant and includes everything with Signature Color plus color draping and more!


I am squealing with delight!! I am so excited and I can't wait to pour over it!!! Hugs!!! You are helping me so much, can't wait to share with you later!" -Julia 

"Totally worth it! I had a few items already in my Signature Color but as soon as I bought more and started putting them together with my "pop" colors as Tabitha suggested, I got TONS of compliments!" -Melanie

"Do it, people! She's the best! When she told me what my Signature Color was, I started wearing it and I got more comments than I've ever gotten in my life--and from people that I have never met!" -Jennifer

"Oh my goodness, thank you so much! Teal and purple have always been my favorite colors! I even took my head shots in those! All of the colors you mentioned are exactly what I gravitate towards! How awesome!" -Genn

"Brights definitely work best for me.  I'll add some more purple and you can tell me what you think!  Thanks so much!!!  It's time for me to do some more shopping!" -Kayla

"Thank you for the insight! Teal is beautiful. I'm a punk girl at heart, but I can work with charcoal grey." -Sarah

"Awesome!  I actually went out the other day and bought myself two turquoise tops.  I absolutely love the color on me!  And I was in serious need of some new tops." -Jodi

The benefits of knowing your Signature Color

Increased Confidence

Wearing the right colors means you'll feel amazing about yourself and how you look and you will make an unforgettable impression. Plus you'll be able to coordinate outfits more easily.

Shopping Is Easier

When your wardrobe consists of your Signature Color and coordinating colors and neutrals, shopping is faster and more efficient because you can zone in on the colors that work best for you.

You Save Time

Your wardrobe will be streamlined and your pieces will work together. Getting dressed in the morning is about to get WAY easier. 

You Save Money

When you shop on purpose and according to your color palette, you don't waste money on pieces you won't enjoy wearing. 

You Get Noticed

Stand out in a sea of black, gray and white! People who wear color confidently get more attention.

You Become Unforgettable

Having a Signature Color IS what makes you unforgettable, especially when you incorporate your color into your home decor, marketing materials or branding. 

Elevate Your Image. Expand Your Influence.


I'm Tabitha, child of God, wife, mama to two sons (14 and 10) + a toddler daughter, author, blogger, community volunteer and Certified Image Consultant. I empower women to embrace their Signature Color Style. I also write and teach about how to live, dress and serve on purpose. My job is to make sure you look your best and having a Signature Color is a powerful way to "put yourself out there" and be seen. I look forward to getting to know you better! Discover more on