What is your deviled eggs?

April 2, 2018

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Tabitha Dumas

It happens that deviled eggs have become something of my specialty. It’s a dish most of us don’t make for an ordinary meal but come Christmas or Easter (4th of July, Labor Day…you get the idea), our family enjoys deviled eggs (plus green and black olives on my cut glass tray) as an appetizer or maybe with the meal if there are any left.

What is your deviled eggs?

It might seem like an odd question but here’s what I mean.

To live a big, simple life (it’s what my upcoming book is all about, read more here), you have to zero in on what’s most important to you and eliminate unnecessary distractions. Yes, even a potluck dish can be a distraction from your best work.

If you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with a new dish for every potluck or holiday, have at it. And please invite me.

For those of us with limited capacity or who aren’t crazy about all things creative cooking and entertaining (I’m talking to you, Amazon Prime mom), we need a few “wow” go-tos.

Trying to create something impressive and extravagant for every occasion and holiday is exhausting. Instead, have a few things you know everyone will love that is also a no-brainer.

When I do have extra time and capacity, I might make avocado deviled eggs, or embellish the eggs with fun garnishes. Yesterday for Easter I used fresh eggs from a neighbor’s farm and they tasted even better and the yolks were more dense and yellow–yum! That was a big win but certainly above and beyond my normal. 

This is also why I have a capsule wardrobe and have a Signature Event (get yours here). I want to live a big, creative, colorful life…without the stress or striving.

It’s knowing what you’re good at and only expanding your horizons when it’s fun and not overwhelming.

Have your easy go-tos and save the magic for where it matters most. 

In case you’re looking for the recipe, I modify the classic Southern deviled eggs from Paula Deen found here. I use dill pickle relish instead of sweet and add a splash of lemon juice. I always dust paprika over the top, too.

I use Pioneer Woman’s method for boiling the eggs found here. Even yesterday’s fresh eggs, which are notoriously hard to peel, came off with no issues. The key is putting the eggs in hot, simmering them and then putting them into a cold water bath.

These were from my green-themed tea party on St. Patrick’s Day, I added cilantro, lime juice and avocado in place of most of the mayo.

What is your deviled eggs? -tabithad.sg-host.com

Let me know…what is YOUR deviled eggs? What’s your easy “wow?”


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