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I am the Creative Director of my life

It was the perfect day during spring break. The kids and I hit the road at about 11:30am to arrive in Glendale at my friend Kristi’s house at 12:30. Kristi is the genius behind Miracle Haven Garden. They helped her water her flowers. Kate toddled around in bare feet, watering and exploring. We had a picnic lunch on her back porch with fresh flowers on the table and a hummingbird swooping our heads. Kristi and I caught up, talked about life and business and even hosted a mini vision board party. The boys watched Star Wars movies. Kate napped on the couch, allowing us to extend our conversation into the night.

I brought along some clothes from Judy Wear Boutique and my nine-year-old took pictures of me modeling them in the garden. Between outfits I would check on my vision board participants. Kristi made amazing vegetarian chili and chia coconut pudding with fresh berries.

Tabitha Dumas Phoenix image consultant spring style black and white judy wear boutique, chandler, arizona

In the course of our conversation, I told Kristi that since I heard the title “Creative Director,” I’ve always wished for it. Maybe someday a brand or business would hire me as their Creative Director!

The next morning in pouring over the pictures, I realized what a perfectly designed day it was and how idyllic. My children, a garden, a dear friend, food, fashion…I love the life I’ve created! Eureka! I’m the Creative Director of my life! 

Sometimes I take this blog and my business too seriously. I tend to get into business mode and forget to have fun. I overthink things and start believing I have to do things the way other people do. I think about “the money” instead of simply delivering value in a delightful and simple way. I worry about whether I’m missing opportunities or going down the wrong path. But a day like yesterday reminds me how much I love this big, simple life I’ve created. Things have fallen into place and I get the pleasure of simply continuing down the path.

As the Creative Director of my life, I get to decide what projects to take on. I create my own fun. I partner with people who get it and who bring out MY creativity.

What if you were the creative director of your life? What would change? What would you endeavor to do?

Be the creative Director of your own life.

Be the creative Director of your own life.
Photos are from Miracle Haven Garden, Glendale, AZ
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