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June 6, 2016

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Tabitha Dumas

One of the most common reasons people reach out to me is because they’re having professional headshots done and want to know what color to wear so here are

the best colors for headshots.

I reiterate this point all the time: there are certain neutral colors that look good on almost everyone.

These colors are neutral meaning they’re neither warm not cool–no orange/yellow undertones (warm) or blue/pink undertones (cool).

In fact, the only Color Codes who need to stick strictly to one or the other are my COOL (gray/silver hair) and my WARM (red hair) clients.

Light, Soft, Deep and Clear people can wear these colors freely.

The five best colors for headshots from TABITHADUMAS.COM image consultant

I wrote all about it in my post called The Five Colors That Look Good On Everyone. Read it here. I also updated it to seven! Read that one here.

Ladies do need to keep their makeup colors in mind. A truly neutral makeup look will look good with the five colors but once you get into the blues, you need to go more cool (silver, gray). If you wear orange or yellow, you need to go more warm (gold, red).

I look good in any color. You can, too!

For the full scoop plus a pretty entertaining video, check out this post.

If you’re wondering why I’m only suggesting solids, it’s because prints are so tricky. Not only do you need a print with the right colors, there’s contrast and scale to consider. So I recommend sticking to solid colors when it counts.

Color recommendations for each Color Code

If you want a truly customized color recommendation, book a Phoenix Color Analysis appointment.

Every Color Code has “pop” colors. These are the colors that make your complexion POP! They’re my most common Signature Colors as well. These colors bring out your eyes and make your skin glow.

They’re also what I recommend as your best colors for head shots.


Sapphire blue, pink, lavender, turquoise.

Best colors for headshots- LIGHT. image consultant


Purple, persimmon, red, royal blue.

Best colors for headshots- DEEP. image consultant


Butter yellow, teal blue, coral, mint green.

Best colors for headshots- SOFT. image consultant


Bright purple, clear red, sunny yellow, hot pink.

Best colors for headshots- CLEAR. image consultant


Rust, butterscotch, copper, turquoise.

Rust, butterscotch and copper are quite similar (and can get boring) so I’m adding a moss green and purple as possibilities.

Best colors for headshots- WARM. image consultant


Ocean blue, royal purple, red, soft pink.

I’m adding silver/gray as well.

Best colors for headshots- COOL. image consultant

I hope these colors for your headshots helped you! 

If you need a more personalized recommendation, email me about how I can help.

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The five best colors for headshots from TABITHADUMAS.COM image consultant

Headshots help! from TABITHADUMAS.COM image consultant


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