October: live a more colorful life

September 26, 2016

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Tabitha Dumas
Live life in color!

In October, I’ll be doing several blog posts about living a more colorful life, from what you wear to the color pen you write with. I’m excited!

I wanted to let you know about it in plenty of time because I’d love some audience participation! Join me as I explore ways

live a more colorful life


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[tweetthis]Color changes your mood, the way you are perceived and how you feel in a space. [/tweetthis]

Color changes your mood

A gray, cloudy day can make you feel gloomy…or cozy.

When a friend wears yellow, you feel more cheerful.

Wearing dull, drab colors makes you feel depressed. Or bright colors make you feel like a clown!

Carrying a fabulous red bag gives you a confidence boost.

Color changes how you are perceived

Women who wear all black are perceived as artsy and exotic…or like they are trying to hide.

Wearing red says you are confident, bold and gutsy.

Classic royal blue is considered the most “professional color.”

When I assign a Signature Color, I make sure the color suits the image my client is trying to portray.

Color changes how you feel in a space

White walls feel cold…or fresh.

Walking into a red dining room activates your appetite.

The color you paint your bedroom affects your sleep.

Casinos, hospitals and five star hotels spend millions of dollars making sure they get their color schemes right to make you feel restful, pampered, or like you want to spend more money.

Living a more colorful life means surrounding yourself with the colors that enhance your well being–whether the drapes in your living room or the clothes in your closet.

It’s going to be an exciting month!

***I’ll post the links below as they are published***


October- live a more colorful life from tabithad.sg-host.com The Color Whisperer


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