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August 30, 2017

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Tabitha Dumas

You might have heard the terminology of Color Code with the seasonal color analysis or other systems. In our system there are six and there is some overlap between seasons (for example, a Soft could be a Soft Autumn or a Soft Summer). We now refer to them as your Color Code (Light, Deep, Soft, Clear, Warm, Cool).

Your Color Code

You might need to update your Color Code if…

  • you take online quizzes and get mixed results
  • your hair color has changed (going gray–Cool–or going red–Warm–are the most common)
  • you’ve gone from tanned to more pale
  • you’ve gone from pale to more tan
  • your seasonal color analysis has gotten too confusing

There are six categories (or codes) each with a link to the Pinterest board:

1. Light.

Naturally blonde or white hair. Fair skin tone. Light to medium eye color.

The LIGHT Pinterest board

2. Deep.

Medium to dark brown or black hair. Medium to dark skin tone. Hazel, brown or black eyes.

The DEEP Pinterest board.

Even though my face is rather pale, I tan in the sun and have dark hair and dark eyes.

Tabitha Dumas Signature Color Style Phoenix Image Consultant

Wearing teal, my Signature Color.

3. Soft.

Light to medium brown hair (or ‘mousy’ or ‘dishwater blonde’). Light to medium skin tone. Medium intensity eye color like hazel, brown, blue or green.

The SOFT Pinterest board.

My dear friend, neighbor and MakeUpdate cohort Jen Hoffman is a gorgeous Soft! She can do her hair with more blonde or mor red and look fabulous.

Jennifer Hoffman Seint Soft Color Code Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Color Analysis Color Codes

4. Clear.

Dark medium brown to black hair. Very light or medium skin tone. Bright eye colors (green, blue or hazel) or dark brown.

The CLEAR Pinterest board.

My dear friend Tiffiny Spire is such a lovely Clear with her bright eyes and dark hair!

Tiffiny Spire The Pink Pen Clear Color Code Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Color Analysis Color Code

5. Warm.

Red hair or golden blonde or brown hair with reddish highlights. Any skin tone, sometimes with freckles. Green, blue, brown or hazel eyes.

The WARM Pinterest board.

6. Cool.

Silver, gray or ash brown hair. Light to medium skin tone (often with a pink undertone). Blue, green, hazel or brown eyes.

The COOL Pinterest board.

Both of my parents are Cools with their silver hair! Cools can have any skin tone or eye color.

Cool Color Code Tabitha Dumas Phoenix Color Analysis Color Code


7. Reverse Clear.

Dark eyes and light hair, typically with fair to medium skin. The reserve of Clear, which is dark hair and bright or light eyes.

This code is quite rare but can also happen when a brown-eyed lady’s hair turns white with age. It’s a gorgeous look! Like a Clear, they look great in bright colors and high contrast.

The REVERSE CLEAR Pinterest board

Not sure which Color Code you fall into? Wondering if you got it right?

Your best option is scheduling a Phoenix Color Analysis appointment.

Here are posts with specific tips for each category!

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Please pin and share…and come back for more recommendations based on your Color Code!


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