Next steps after a Color Analysis appointment

November 2, 2022

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Yes, I’m offering Phoenix Color Analysis appointments on most Thursday afternoons for one or two people at a time in my home studio in Gilbert, Arizona! I’d love to have you come over to explore your best colors and create a wardrobe color palette! Get all the info here.

So you just had your color analysis experience…now what?

#1: Make sure you’re following me on Pinterest.

I pin regularly to Pinterest. It is my happy place online. You can go through and follow specific boards, or just follow them all. It’s all right here.

Next, look for the boards that correspond to the colors in your wardrobe color palette.

I show you…

  • colors your color pairs well with
  • accessory options in your color
  • outfits with your color
  • capsule wardrobes that include your color
  • seasonal looks in your color
  • shopping options
  • and lots more!

You should pin a few ideas while you’re there onto your “my style” or “my best colors” board. If you don’t have one, start one!

#2: Follow me on Instagram.

I post regularly to Instagram, too, and share what I’m wearing or what I’m working on. You can follow me here. Say “hi” and comment on one of my posts! 

#3: If you’re on Facebook, consider joining my private insiders’ group of the sweetest 280-ish purposeful ladies! Take a look here. It’s also a great place to ask a question and receive my feedback!

#4: Play in your closet.

Knowing your best colors and best neutrals, arrange your closet for how you get dressed. Find all the info on how I organize my closet here.

Practice putting outfits together, too. There’s a formula to it you can read about here.

We covered it at your appointment but here’s where you can read up on scale and proportion and contrast levels.

#5: Shop on purpose!

Before you start shopping…

#6: use my free printable checklist to determine how you need to update your wardrobe for this season.

Read these before any spring shopping or fall shopping.

The Closet Outfit Planner is also a fantastic tool, especially if you like to follow outfit formulas and find new ways of pairing items. They’re based on your Color Code! Get the latest season here.

#6: Work with me!

COMING SOON I’ll have an option where you can ask me to cover specific topics and I’ll send a video or Marco Polo back to answer! Contact me if you’re interested.


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