Create a coffee tea station!

October 10, 2017

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Are you someone who needs to create a coffee tea station? It’s not for everyone, especially if you subscribe to the philosophy of having things pared down and put away.

Create a coffee tea station

I’m a “use the good china” and “every day is a special occasion” kinda gal so MY philosophy is, if you see it, you use it. Accessories, your journal, your Bible, coffee and tea…

when it’s out, you can enjoy looking at it AND you see what you have and are more likely to wear the necklace or make the cup of tea.

I’m also big on hospitality, or more accurately, simple hospitality.

This hit home for me on Thanksgiving weekend 2001 when I spent it at my friend’s aunt and uncle’s house two hours out of town. Her uncle offered to make me a cup of tea and handed me a tin with a variety of tea bags to look through. I loved it!

Now I always make sure to have a selection of tea bags in my coffee tea station so my guests can choose their favorite.

Create a coffee tea station! Have a variety of tea bags handy because you use what you can see.

Most people are probably better off with a coffee tea station combination because it’s easy enough to include both, especially if you’re not brewing loose tea.

As someone who lives a tea lifestyle, I do offer a loose tea option for those who prefer it. It is a delightful ritual but sometimes it’s just easier to boil water and plunk a tea bag into a pretty mug.

So what do you need in your coffee tea station? Here are some basic essentials but of course it all depends on your preferences and tastes.

  • A way to brew your beverage, whether a Keurig, a coffee pot, French press, an electric tea kettle or a tea pot.
  • Mugs or cups and saucers. I like to have a variety of tall, short, feminine and whimsical–it’s fun to see what people choose!
  • Coffee, K-cups, tea bags…even cocoa and cider!
  • Fixins’ to include sugar (a few types to choose from are nice, I also like offering sugar cubes just for fun), honey (I like the sticks or the bear) and creamers. Seasonally, offer cinnamon sticks or peppermint sticks.
  • Flavored syrups are nice, too. Then people can add their own creamer and flavor for a custom blend.
  • I like to have a spoon for the sugar + a spoon and small bowl for the spoon after stirring.
Create a coffee tea station! Tabitha Dumas tea lifestyle

One of my tea stations! When I have company, I keep milk in the cow.

  • If you’re doing loose tea, you’ll need a measuring spoon and strainer, too.
  • Spoons

Considering offering instructions for your coffee maker or Keurig for guests.

There are so many options for a coffee tea station!

The main idea is to use what you have, re-purpose something in your house or find something affordable that suits your needs. It’s OK to be creative and you might want hidden storage or drawers to also store things like napkins, extra coffee, seasonal items, etc.

The simplest option is to dedicate a spot in your kitchen for your coffee tea station.

You could also set one up on your kitchen island or bar with a simple three-tier tray.

If you’re short on space or need the flexibility, what about a coffee tea station cart?? You can move it around to your office or den, or into a different room when entertaining.

Elaborate or simple, a fifteen-minute project for a month-long endeavor, a coffee tea station will add beauty and functionality to your home, will delight your guests and will hopefully inspire you to savor a cup of whatever you fancy.

Do you have a dedicated space for your coffee and tea paraphernalia? Would you consider setting one up?


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