What happens during a closet update

June 10, 2018

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Tabitha Dumas

Have you ever wondered what happens during a closet update? Going into every appointment I realize it must be a bit strange to have someone spend two hours in your closet and/or bedroom and bathroom. I want the experience it be as relaxed and fun as possible so here’s

what happens during a closet update with me.

But first…please know I’ve been in dozens of closets and I’ve seen it all.

Fancy, plain, messy, immaculate, sparse, overflowing…nothing surprises me anymore. Besides being in the bedroom, most closets in Phoenix are in a bathroom so I get to see a woman’s most personal areas in her home! I do notice pretty decor and fancy finishes but I don’t notice dirty mirrors or stuffed laundry hampers, nor do I judge you for things like too many clothes or cheap closet fixtures. I’m there to help you maximize your wardrobe and enjoy getting dressed–the rest is just details.

(I also wrote about what to expect during a personal shopping appointment here)

1. I will ask you to declutter before I come.

A basic closet clean-out is required BEFORE I come over so we can maximize our time together. The obvious stuff you haven’t worn in two years or don’t like anymore should be gone so we can focus on items you love or are unsure about.

2. You’ll be trying clothes on.

We typically make a pile of items you aren’t sure fit so dress accordingly. Bike shorts and a camisole are fine or I’m happy to go into another room while you change–whatever you’re comfortable with. I’m happy to advise on foundational garments as well. I’m at your disposal for anything you need a second opinion on!

3. We’ll look at jewelry, accessories and shoes, too.

One of my favorite parts of a closet update is when we put outfits together, down to the earrings and shoes. So, yes, we’ll be going through your jewelry, scarves, belts and shoes. Feel free to declutter those ahead of time as well. Or pull out ones you don’t know how to wear and I can help!

4. We’ll cover color, fit and majority lifestyle.

We’ll talk about…

  • your best colors
  • clothes that work best for your day to day lifestyle
  • best prints and patterns
  • fit and proportion
  • wardrobe basics
  • items you need to shop for

That’s why these appointments are so powerful!

5. We can create a capsule wardrobe.

It’s so fun to create a capsule wardrobe (27 pieces that mix and match) during your closet update! YES, you likely already have one in your wardrobe and even if you test it out for a few weeks then go back to utilizing your full wardrobe, it’s still useful to focus on specific colors and styles.

6. We can create looks for your upcoming events.

I am often hired before big job interviews, trips, weddings or parties so if you have anything like that coming up, we can put together your outfits for those.

7. We’ll rearrange things.

Making your closet more user-friendly is a top goal for a closet consult so we’ll talk about what you wear most and how you get dressed. We can also arrange items by occasion and color. I often have clients hang items previously stored in their dresser because I believe in SEEING what you have.

8. We’ll have FUN!

These closet updates are such a blast! You will be excited to get dressed and will have outfits and color combinations you’d never thought of. You’re going to love it.

Schedule your closet update soon so we can get started!

Contact me if you have questions. Click here to check out.

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