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February 25, 2019

Written By

Tabitha Dumas

Happy closet = happy lady! Our habits truly do drive our days and establishing happy closet habits can help you keep your wardrobe more organized and easy to enjoy. It doesn’t happen by accident, though, so

establish these happy closet habits today.

Just like other parts of your life, routines and habits make the day go smoother and add joy and ease to your routine.

Hang up your clothes

I know…duh. But there are two parts:

1:: Hang up all the clothes you wear regularly. The only thing I recommend leaving in your dresser is workout clothes, pajamas and undergarments. Maybe tee shirts but if they’re staples and of nicer quality, they’re probably better hung. Why? It’s better to see what you have and it’s easier to put outfits together when they’re all in one place.

2:: Actually keep your clothes hung! This is a struggle for me but it’s getting better! Because I tend to try a lot of options on, by the time I’ve put my outfit together, I don’t feel like putting everything back so I GET IT. A few tricks:

  • have nice hangers like the velvet ones that hold clothes on and keep things hung more evenly
  • have a spot to toss items you aren’t ready to hang up yet–at least it’s better than five different piles or leaving them on the floor

Speaking of hangers…

Once a year, turn your hangers backwards to keep track of what you actually wear.

I always remind my ladies, you aren’t going to wake up one day and say, “Y’know what I feel like wearing to brunch today? That green blouse that has the buttons that gape and the sleeves that are too tight.” We tend to pull out the same items over and over again and it’s good to know what we use a ton of (buy more of that) and the items we overlook time and time again (get rid of them).

Arrange your items by type

I like to go in this order but do what makes sense to you and what works for how you get dressed most days.

TOPS (solids first, then prints)

  • sleeveless
  • short-sleeve
  • long sleeve plain
  • long sleeve blouses

BOTTOMS (solids first, then prints)

  • shorts
  • short skirts
  • long skirts
  • denim (in order of length or formality)
  • pants (casual to dressy)


  • short dresses
  • long dresses
  • formal dresses


  • short sleeve cardigans
  • long sleeve cardigans
  • blazers
  • heavy jackets
  • coats and formal

And within those categories…

Arrange your items by color

You know I love things in color order and when you do this in your closet, it makes getting dressed so much easier. It can be from light to dark or in the order of the rainbow but it really just has to be how YOU like it.

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Follow the one in, one out rule

This is critical to avoiding an overstuffed closet–when you add a new item, one item must go. I just purchased a cute turquoise cardigan and because of this rule, I immediately went to a similar piece I had (that just never hung quite right on me) and I donated it.

Oh and while we’re talking about donating…

Keep a donation bin in your closet

Have a basket or bag where you can place your cast-offs.

Choose your outfits the night before

You can do this for the next day or the upcoming week! I like to hang it in a separate area or on a special hook just to feel fancy. Remember accessories, hosiery, shoes and a bag, too! My thirteen-year-old son has embraced this habit and he says his mornings are much more pleasant now.

Every woman deserves a happy closet and I hope these closet habits help you maintain your wardrobe you love playing with!

Which habits do you have in place? Which ones need a little work?

Establish these happy closet habits today by tabitha dumas phoenix image consultant



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