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My Christmas outfit from Amazon

Christmas outfit from Amazon plaid leggings and black dress Tabitha Dumas Phoenix image consultant

While getting dressed today for a holiday event I realized my leggings and dress had both came from Amazon so I thought I’d share my Christmas outfit from Amazon to provide the links for anyone interested.

This is not an affiliate post nor sponsored…just me sharing what works!

With a toddler and two busy boys and all the holiday craziness, online shopping is definitely my friend. It’s risky, yes, but you can get sweet deals on items you need. I’d call the leggings a splurge but they’re so fun! And the top was necessary since I needed something with coverage on bottom AND sleeves.


These babies are ridiculously soft and fit me even at 5’9″. They have a lot of give and a very comfortable waistband. This brand had great reviews and I will be ordering from them again. They’re just fun!

They’re a one size and I can see how they’d fit lots of shapes and sizes. Just $12!

Leggings link here.


I wanted a tunic top but thought a dress would give me more coverage and I could even wear it as a dress with tights or tall boots. It’s soft and I like the fullness at the bottom. Plus the coverage on my arms is crucial for winter because I’m a wimp in cool weather and I don’t like my sweaters against my skin.

I ordered a medium and it comes in a slew of other colors and prints! It’s a definite wardrobe staple at under ten bucks for black! I’m usually a size 4/6 on top.

Black dress link here.

Christmas outfit from Amazon plaid leggings and black dress Tabitha Dumas Phoenix image consultant

There ya have it, my Christmas outfit from Amazon!

What are your recent Amazon finds?? 

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